Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

My my my, how time goes by.

Whether we want it to or not, it just keeps moving.  Right now, I am finding that a good thing.

This semi-retirement thing is awesome.  So very awesome!  The freedom that comes from being able to do what you want or need to do WHEN you need or want to do it, is so liberating.  Sure, I'm doing more hours at Wasatch than I really cared to right now, but they are short on help and the busy season is starting, so I'll keep at it until things slow down a little.  Then I'll scale back and give myself more time to just..........I don't know, be myself.

I'm scheduled to be a pacer for the St George half marathon next week.  Luckily, I asked for a much slower than my normal time since training hasn't been what it needs to be.  You'd think with the wacky winter we are having, I would get more running in, but I'm still struggling to want to run in the cold.

I'm a wimp like that.

Do you ever have times where you are so proud of your children, you think your chest might burst?
Feeling that way right now about my oldest.  Not gonna share what's going on currently, but I couldn't be happier for him and more proud of his life right now.  Happiness.  Maybe later I'll talk about it.  Right now, just plain 'ole happiness.

So what are you thinking about the Republican doings right now?  I get bored to tears with all the sniping, finger pointing and mud slinging.  I prefer to just hear about their plans, research and then make my decision.  Leave the crap out of it.  I can figure that stuff out on my own..

Addicted to the show Breaking Bad.  I have now caught up on all the previous 4 seasons and I am DYING for season 5 to start.  It will be the series last season, and I'm sure that I'll suffer even bigger withdrawals, but for right now, I need a fix.

Yes, I realize how that sounds.  And if you watch Breaking Bad, you can see how it's totally appropriate.

So doc started me on a low dose of thyroid medicine (sucks getting old) and so far, I have lost 5 ellbees.  Mama likey.  Mama likey a lot.

So, it seems that the cooking episode went over fairly well.  I think we'll keep doing some segments.  Now remember, I'm limited on my culinary talents so I'll have to really tap my inner creativity.

If I have any.

In one month, I am leaving for a cruise.  I've never been on a cruise.  I am so excited I can't stand it.   I only hope I don't get sick on the boat.  Normally, I am totally a seasick kind of person, but I am hopeful that the ship is large enough that I won't feel it.  Suggestions (other than the patch or dramamine) are being solicited.

And this would be why I am okay with the time flying by right now.  I have stuff to look forward to.


Pedaling said...

I am a sea sick getting kind of persona but am fine on big cruise ships. You will love it!

I feel the same as you regarding politics---let me figure it out. I do love the debates...LOVE THEM! I'm weird, even Ted thinks so.
I've said from the start, it will be Romney on the ticket and if he can win it, he will prove to be one of the great ones! No doubt about it!

MMMM- warms the heart when those kids step it up and make us happy--us moms need that. We need it!

Never seen Breaking Bad. Have no idea what it is...

5 pounds! just because of a pill--that has never happened to me and I tried a thyroid pill...still nothin'.

Have a good one!

gigi said...

It's wonderful to be happy about your children. There are so many times when they break our hearts that I think you should really relish the happiness!! Bask in it and keep praying it lasts.

I still got sea sick, but the boat mostly moved when we were sleeping and that helped a bunch! I hope you have lots of fun. We did the one time we went!

Have a happy day!

wendy said...

YOU DO have fun things to look forward too!!
I'm not sure about cruises...I don't remember if I told you, BUT I SAW TITANIC, didn't end well.

I HATE politics, because I hate controversy and mud slinging. Just can't handle it. And it goes on tooooo long.

Happy about your son making you HAPPY!!! that's the best kind of happy.

semi retirement may be better then FULL retirement....cause at least you still have things to do. Maybe it's just where I live...not a hell of a lot to do.

I just started watching Breaking Bad yesterday. Netflix. Does it start with 2008????
VERY WEIRD. Hubby doesn't know if he cares for it, I find it intriguing in a sick kind of way. Can't stop watching it either.

have a GREAT semi-retirement day sweety.

Sue said...

lots going on in your life!

Im on thyroid..have to. They took mine out. I have stuggled with weight ever since.
You will feel so much better, with the thyroid pill.

You will love the cruise. You won't get sick unless the boat moves a lot. On our last cruise the weather was bad, and they had vomit bags and pills everywhere for people. Ive been on 5 cruises, and that's the only time that has happened.

Excited to hear the good things about your kids.

Mark and I love tv. Well have to check breaking bad.

I'm excited for Romney.

tammy said...

I can't stand all the mud-slinging and bickering either. Just give me a recap and I'm good. I'm excited to see how Romney does.

Yay on the cruise. Perfect time to leave UT too! I always use Dramamine non-drowsy - in the car, on the plane, and sometimes the boat. Are you against it?

Kids really can do so many things that break our hearts, so it's nice when they do things that make us happy. I wish I wouldn't have broken my parents' hearts when I was young.

" Hit It......." said...

Congratulations on the 5 pounds. You will love the cruise. However, you might gain the weight back. It seems like all you do on a ship is eat!

Whatever Corb has done; I am so happy for you! After all the hard work, you deserve to feel pride and joy regarding the oldest.

I love the debates too and I hope Romney wins!

Amy said...

Yay you on losing a few. I have found them.

I hate the snipping of politics. Like you, I want to know what they plan to do and make my decisions from there.

It is always good to be proud and happy about whatever your kids are doing.

Jamie said...

I am pretty sure I need a cruise to look forward to, and I am pretty sure it is not gonna happen. I am no help with the sea sickness.
I am glad things are going good over their in CA!

Garden of Egan said...

I found your five damn elbees!
Seriously....I'm happy for you.

I'm excited for you to have a cruise! I am looking forward to a buncha pictures.

I look forward to hearing about what is makin' your buttons wanna burst.
Enjoy the thankfulness.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I was just listening to Newt being interviewed before reading this. I am actually amused by all the craziness of elections. Though the mud slinging isn't so presidential.

And congratulations on 5 lbs! I've had thyroid problems too-ack.

Mae Rae said...

i started to write a response and got sidetracked reading the responses.

happy happy for you right now on so many levels but it wont stop me from saying my prayers for you every night. I think you still need them.

i do have to say without any hesitation though that I hate politics and can't stand to watch half of the crap. I lived in Massachusetts through Mitt and can't say too many bad things.

I don't however know anythign about anyone else.

have a great day!

Kristin said...

Sounds like 2012 is off to a great start! A cruise - yippee!! Once our life slows down a little around here - I would love to look into one!

5 ellbee's! Way to go! I'm amazed that five pounds makes such a difference - that's what I need to do!


Mrs. Organic said...

Yay for the cruise and the pacing and semi-retiring (sort of) hours. Enjoy it!