Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling - Thursday edition

I remember a day when I was all over about keeping my blog updated.

I kind of liked that.

You would think with all this extra time on my hands.....but seriously, I gotta lot of important things to do like sleep, watching trashy tv, sleep, play wwf, sleep

Kinda, sorta solidified my race schedule for the season.  I prolly should update my sidebar-------->
I'm gonna work on getting faster this year, and not necessarily mileage.  Splenda Daddy says I need to change my nutrition. 

I hate it when he's right.

That being said, I did just register him for his first ever 10k.  That's 6.2 miles.  Easy peasy.  I'm so excited for him to do it with me!  I don't think he's all that excited.  In reality, I suspect he's only doing it for me.  To make me happy, excited and motivated to train.

I love him for that.

Have to say that this gig at Wasatch Running is turning out to be a pretty cool thing.  I have met some awesome runners whose dedication inspires me.  I have also met some pretty inspiring non-runners, who are there to get a decent pair of shoes in hopes of keeping their motivation to get healthy and to someday attempt a 5k. 

I love both types.

January sucks.  Nothing more to say about that.

Did I mention that I leave for my cruise in 16 more sleeps?  Yeah, that's right. I think that's the only thing getting me through January. Pardon me if I slip into "gloat mode"

Or don't pardon me.  Either way 'sokay by me

Lately, I've been feeling very "squishy" about my kids.  Is that a sign of old age, menopause, or delayed new mom bliss?  Not that I wasn't blissful when they were younger, don't get me wrong, but's a whole different kind of bliss. 

Weird.  I think I might be freaking them out slightly.

Actually, I am feeling kind of "squishy" about a lot of people
my mom (did you hear that gasp of disbelieve all the way from Sweden? haha)
special friends who are struggling right now
I get all sorts of weepy.

I think I seriously need to up my caffeine intake and hit the Low-Carb Monsters again.  Sounds like I need to balance out the "squishy"


wendy said...

when you figure out a way to balance out the squishy...let me know.
That is cool that your hubby is going to do a 10K with you.
I don't know..well maybe, shit, probably not, would ever be able to do that.
I'd love to get out and "power walk" but the wind here is monumental. Sucks the "will" right out of you.
hmmm......just looking back at my comment, did I just say the "sh" word.
oh well
I am excited about your cruise


Garden of Egan said...

I think squishy is good! I'm all squishy about my kiddos and their spawn.

Excited for you 16 sleeps. I look forward to seeing a ton of pictures.

" Hit It......." said...

I think squishy is good too. We use the word "sleeps," to count down days to something important..funny.

I know what you mean about's blah!


tammy said...

I am always squishy lately! What is up with that?

Gloat away. I'm really excited for you to go on your cruise. Jan. & Feb. in Utah is the main reason I wanted to move.

Lara said...

January is the worst thing ever. Glad you have a cruise to look forward to...LUCKY!

Good luck with all the running...I too, love that your husband is running with you even when he doesn't really want to. He must love you or something. :)

gigi said...

January has been ruff! I have been high and oh so low! Ready for it to be over with! I need something to look forward to.
It's okay to be squishy! Enjoy it :)

Jamie said...

Please go on that cruise and gloat all you want!
Squishy, I don't mind when I am squishy, but I do get a tad bit embarassed if I get squishy in front of strangers, awkward.....

Ann Marie said...

16 more days?

I feel that same kind of squishy right now.. Maybe because I have grown a lot in my relationships.. and with life -- and family in the last 7 months.


Amy said...

I would gloat too if I were going on a cruise.

Squishy describes how I've been feeling lately too. Started to cry watching a Martina McBride video today for her song "Lov eyou through it". Then I wa all choked up when I tried to tell my sister about it.