Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

Oh my.......
Oh my......

Okay, first off - google changed their reader format, and with all my genius dinking around have managed to screw it up and now I get NO updates to ANY of the blogs I read.  And I just got caught up yesterday.  If anyone would like to hold my hand and get it fixed.... well, that would be cool.

Proof that I shouldn't be allowed to "dink around" with anything.  I break it.

I'm really behind on posting.  Like all of Halloween.  More wedding pictures.  This week.  For sure, this week.

I just realized that my blogiverary is this week.  On the 12th.  I should do something special.

Or not.

Seems like blogging 3 years ago is certainly different than it is now.  Many of my favorite bloggers have stopped altogether.  Like bell bottom pants, it seems to have gone out of style.  Facebook has exploded.  Google + tried to explode but there are still crickets chirping over there.  People move on. 

I'm still here.  Mostly because I need to journal.  I need to document. 

"gimmee gimmee gimmee....I need...I need...I need..." (name the movie)

I thought I would have a lot of free time lately.  Thankfully, it's filled up with all worthwhile things.

The newlyweds are happy.  They are so damn cute, I can hardly stand it!

My SoCal family is happy.  They are so damn cute I can hardly stand it!

My college student is happy.  He is so damn cute I can hardly stand it!

I clearly am crazy about my family.  Completely head over heels in love with them.  Every last one of them! 

I really need to do something about Jack the dog.  He's wearing on my very last nerve.  Jump roping with it!  If the weather were warmer, we could do more walks outside and work off his energy.  Right now, the thought of being outside makes me cringe.  So I just keep throwing the stupid toy down the hall and he brings it back.  Again and again and again and again.

Might be getting a rotater cuff issue with all the toy hucking I'm doing.

It looks like my tradition of Thanksgiving dinner at the Golden Corral won't happen this year. 

Tired of politics already.  Tired of the posturing of the candidates, the allegations, the finger pointing, the bickering.   
And the Dem's are bugging too.  But then, they always bug sooooo......

Still having a little right calf issue.  Running hasn't been happening.  Makes this Ironman challenge I am doing right now a leeeetle difficult.  See, you do an Ironman (1800 meter swim; 112 miles on the bike, and 26.2 mile run) but you have two weeks to do it.  My "running" is more of a brisk walk.   Takes a long time to get mileage.

I just realized that perhaps this seems like a whiny post.  Accept my apologies.  Actually, I am happier than I have been in a long time.  Yes, there are issues that bug, but deep down inside, I am damn happy!

Except for this friggin dog and his friggin toy!


tammy said...

How can my dog be so happy to see me then growl when I go to pick him up? See...bipolar!

So if Golden Corral won't be happening this year, does that mean you're cooking??

I'm tired of politics too. And tired of blogging a little too. My reader is at 930 right now. But I don't want to lose my bloggy friends!

Pedaling said...

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

I'm still here reading and posting.
Many home design, food, and politic blogs all still post, I'm happy about that.

I still don't love facebook.
Guess I'm out of style.
But I love Pinterest, and that is in style.

The Ironman challenge sounds intense.

Erin said...

Blogging has changed, hasn't it? I love how you are so journaly, but you are so interesting while journaling. I need to find a happy medium somehow myself.

Jewls said...

Oh boy M-Cat...I ran a mile on Monday and thought I was gonna puke! I need to get my butt back in gear!

I agree about blogging...I think lots of people have quit...which is sad because that means less comments, and I LOVE me some comments!

Jamie said...

It does seem the blogging world has slowed a bit. I am still here, and for the same reason. No journaling would happen anywhere else. An Ironman, you go girl. Glad the family is doing well, and the Golden Corral is lookin good from my vantage point right about now.

Garden of Egan said...

Ya, blogging has changed in three years. Yikes. BUT you are still here and that is all that matters.

So glad you are so damn happy! Nothing better than that when it comes to the kids and hubs.

Sorry about your rotator dog or cuff or whatever. You should get chickens instead.

I love yer guts. Just so ya know.

Connie said...

What About Bob! Do I win the prize?

I'm glad everyone is so damn cute and happy. It's OK to whine a bit...even though you're not.
So sorry about the injury and the dog and the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that's not going to happen. No wonder you're ticked!

Amy said...

Great to hear that the family is cute and happy; including you.

I am always tired of politics. I don't usually like buffet's but found myself telling my son that we needed to take my Mom and Dad to the Golden Corral. I think I just want a good salad bar.

Ella said...
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Jillybean said...

Just yesterday I was thinking of how Facebook seems to have killed off the blogging. I haven't posted much lately partially because I can get my online fix from FB and also because my kids just aren't doing as many funny things as they used to............. Or I forget the funny things before I can get to the computer.

Should I have Max come over to your house with his little catapult? He can fling that doggie toy as many times as Jack needs him to.

Ann Marie said...

I am so happy that you are happy!!
You have had quite a crazy year since last November.. and you deserve every bit of happiness and/or pleasure!!!!

I know exactly what you mean with blogging. FB and Pinterest are fun.. but I love to journal and REALLY connect with people. None of the lurking crap. Well.. now with iphone's,ipads and Kindle's... people comment less and just like to read. I don't care. I like comments.. but I don't blog in order to get them.. so... I keep on!

I figure the people that want to be friends in the real life will comment.. and keep in touch.. and the others can lurk all they want at my crazy.

Always love to read your wramblings M...

Sue said...

You aren't whiney. You get to the point with humor and honesty.

a lot of my friends are more facebookers than bloggers.

Oh well, my journaling keeps me balanced, and I like it. I can be long with pictures sometimes, and short other times with whatever pleases me. The choice is mine. Many of my friends and family lurk and don't comment. I do this for me.

sooo... happy for your kids.

Its great to hear you are happy and doing so good. You really deserve it after last year.

LKP said...

my answer? mail the dog to soCal. :) he'd LOVE the beach. just sayin'. adoring you! ::hugs::
(i even love what you call whining. ha ha.)

Omgirl said...

I hear you! Election years drive me CRAZY. I am not excited that a presidential one is coming up. I've already heard enough out of/about politics and we still have a year to go!!!

Mrs. Organic said...

I haven't run in, well... since forever. I really, really want to but I'm not going to tempt fate just yet.

You can do this challenge, just leave your run miles for the second week and you'll be that much stronger.

Mom of 12 said...

Our dog drives me nuts! She is really irritating because when the kids don't feed her she stands by me until I assign someone to take care of her. Glad you are happy!

gigi said...

You make me laugh and I am so glad your life is filled with some much deserved happiness!!!!!