Sunday, November 20, 2011

Red Corner China Diner (and check out Wasatch Running) GIVEAWAY!!!

Do you remember when I raved about this place?   I still love it and is one of my favorite places to grab some great chinese food.

So, as it happens that while I was cleaning out my wallet (trying to get it back to a normal size) and amongst an old library card, receipts from 2009, and an outdated Living Planet aquarium membership card, I stumbled upon TWO 10.00 gift certificates for Red Corner China Diner.(click over there < to check out their website).  I had forgotten that Sam had given me another one to do a give away and then one to me for helping promote his business.

Well, it is Thanksgiving time, and I am more than thankful for all my friends both IRL and via the internets.  So, I am going to give away BOTH of them in one swoop.  Which means, for my mathematically challenged friends, you could win $20.00 in gift cards to the awesome chinese diner!  Dude!  That is a dinner out for you and a friend while starting the Christmas shopping season!!!  Yeah, I's pretty cool.

Rules?  Of course there has to be rules, because it's a giveaway after all, and I DO NOT BELIEVE in getting something for nothing.  Remember that principle kids - it's an important one.  Another important principle?  Support small businesses.  Guys who take their passion, make it a business, provide jobs, and a meaningful service.  That's what this country is founded on people!! So as we are in the season of expressing thanks, I want to include my buddies at Wasatch Running.(click < over there to check out their website).

So here's the deal.

1.  Leave a comment = one entry

2.  Come into Wasatch Running, make a purchase.  ANY purchase - even socks, a gu or a gel, running tights for the winter, shoes, jacket, hat....ANY purchase.  Tell them I sent you. = one entry.  If you happen to come while I am there and can practice using the cash register on you = two entries.

The contest starts Monday November 21, 2011 at 10:00am and ends Friday December 9 2011 at 10:00pm (mtn time).  That gives you 3 weeks.

For my friends not along the Wasatch Front?  Sucks to be you.   I wish you could be here!  But I will make you this promise, you make it out to Utah, I will personally treat you to dinner at the Red Corner Chinese Diner and bring you into Wasatch Running to see how fun of a place it is.  And if you come during the winter, you get to experience the greatest snow on earth!  Win-Win for you!

Alrighty then kids..... let the contest begin!

**PS - you can find both of these businesses on Facebook - which is AWESOME!**


Lessserly said...

Yay... first one to post! I have been wanting to try out that Red Corber China Diner. And as for the shoes, yeah, I think I need a new pair. I'll try to come in and see ya..... sometime.

I love reading your posts Melissa. Thanks for being a sweet awesome "mother-in-love" to my daughter. She adores you and so do I :)

CountessLaurie said...

Wow - now you are bribing me with dinner to come out there. You are RUTHLESS :-)

Amy said...

IF we manage to get together again for lunch, we should go to this place.

tammy said...

I'm entering and if I win, I'm giving my prize to my brother Justin. We should all have pity on him....wife living in TX doing an internship...just him and his dog Sophie, eating dinner all alone...he so deserves to win!

Justin said...

M-Cat! Many thanks for the gift cards for Chinese food. You are, quite frankly, awesome!

I'm way excited to try this new restaurant, especially one that is so close to my (and Tammy's) favorite Mexican place, El Farol.

Joy and prosperity to you in the new year!