Friday, November 18, 2011

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling - Friday night edition

I know right?

That's just kinda been the whole week.  It's like, whoa - what just happened?  Oh, FRIDAY happened!

Not that it's a bad thing, quite the contrary.

Contrary.  Who really uses that word anymore anyway?

Sooooo.....I guess I should finally announce it formally and for realsies. 

I retired. 

EEEEPPP!!!!  (if you don't know what that means - it's me squealing with delight)

I know right?!?!  Dream come true. I submitted my letter of resignation/retirement and wrote a kind email of how much I have appreciated my time at Intermountain.  Earlier this week, Splenda and I went in the evening and cleaned out my desk and cubicle.  It all fit into one box.  My entire career of 24 years with the same company, in the same business all amounts to one little box.  Yep.  My official last date it 12/1 so in the meantime, I will be moving all my 401k to an IRA, which actually might make it safer, and then enjoying the freedom that is now mine. 

Maybe I should use it to buy gold.  Hmmm....

 I've started hanging out at Wasatch Running Center.
I've always purchased my running shoes there, except for the one time I won a free pair from a place in St George, and most of my gear.  I did the Grand Slam with them last year.  They are an awesome business.  We are working together as I train in the business of running shoes.  I wouldn't call myself an actual employee yet, but if over the next week or so, we both mutually agree that it's a good fit, I will pick up some part time hours there.  All perfectly suited for a retired grandma who just wants to support her habit.  Straight from the dealer no? 

There is a lot to learn.  They don't just let anyone fit and sell you running shoes.  They only hire experts.  They only trust experts.  Great guys who run the place and go ahead and ask me how much fun it is to walk around trying on different shoes, learning their technical differences, the pros, cons, and features of each shoe so that you can figure out which one is best for a particular person and their gait.  Very cool stuff.  I am learning a TON!  I just hope I can retain it all.  I am kinda wicked old after all.

And smelling brand new running shoes for hours at a time is's bliss.

Tuffy and 'Tana got a new puppy.  I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!  Gosh he's cute.  Jace.  Little black mini schnauzer.  And what is fun, is he comes over to be babysat and entertains Jack.  Win-Win!!

Having some serious Chloee withdrawals.  Like for real serious.  Like, I kinda want to just get in the car and drive there.  I guess it's good that I have made some commitments here so that I can't do just that. 

What would I do without skype?  And even then......not the same.   Achey heart here.

On the bright side.......they have less than 3 years of active duty.  So there's that.

Okay kids, enough rambling thoughts, I think I'll finish watching Rick Perry bumble around on the O'Reilley factor.  Serious - dude is kind of a joke.  Perry not Bill.

Peace out!


wendy said... WISH YOU HAPPY retirement.

wendy said...

NOW...that I got that in first, cause I was worried while I was typing, someone else would beat me.

anyway....good for you. You just didn't need that BS right now, and maybe can focus on something else.

Seems weird I know to put all those years in a box. I couldn't believe when I moved up VERY little I brought with me.
Now I am wishing I brough quite a few other things. Oh well.

Enjoy your running...and all the new adventure that lay ahead of you. Cause knowing you, there'll be lots of them.!!!

Lazarus said...

M-Cat, Congrats on your well-deserved retirement! And part-timing it in running store sounds perfect for you (second, only, possibly, to working in a Diet Coke and chocolate store!) Best of luck with all of your new endeavors, I'm sure you'll love them.

:) LG

Jamie said...

HAppy Happy retirement to you!! How liberating. I sure hope the shoe shop works out that is a perfect fit for you. No pun intended, but worth a small giggle.

Garden of Egan said...

I am so excited for you!!!
Happy Retirement!
But you aren't so wicked old that you get to go out to dinner at 4 o'clock.
Don't do that.
I mean it.

I do have a in the hell (I'm in a swear word mood....sorry, but not really) anywayz, how in the hell can you fit shoes for the pros when you don't have any damn toenails?
Do they know you don't have toenails?
I'm wondering if there shouldn't be full disclosure here.

I guess it's ok that you get to smell new running shoes everyday. If you start smelling underwear I'm gonna come over there and smack ya though.

Ok, well, I have to get ready to go to bed and WORK for the freakin' weekend. Enjoy that damn retirement.
But I'm not bitter or anything.

Jewls said...

Woohoo! That's awesome!

I might have to just come buy some new shoes while you're there and utilize your expertise! :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Congratulations on your retirement! I'm trying to get my mom to retire and move out by me, but so far no luck. I think she's saving up to buy that gold.

And my husband had to fast-forward through Rick Perry on the the O'Reilly Factor. Said it was too painful to watch.

Mrs. Organic said...

Congrats! And best wishes on the new biz.

THey'll be lucky to have you. :)

Vanessa said...

Wahoooooooooooooooo for you!

YOu need to have a retirement party.

" Hit It......." said...

You really did it....Tib said you wanted to. I am so happy for you. The fact that you are so excited about it means that it was the right decision!

I agree with Garden of Eden...about the shoes. Your feet are more jacked up than mine!

tammy said...

I agree with Vanessa - retirement party is necessary!! I hope they shoe thing works for you, but if not I know you'll end up doing whatever it is that makes you happy. I can hear the happy back in your voice.

Suz said...

Congratulations on your retirement! Well done!

Pedaling said...

Sounds like the right choice for you--very happy yelp with good to hear (read)

Love Salt Lake Running- I'm always impressed with their knowledge and service. You're gonna be great.

I'm not a big fan of Perry- but I liked him more after hearing him on O'Reilley stand by his answer...that yes indeed Obama is a socialist. Perry scored one in my book with that response.

Connie said...

Retiring...a dream come true! I have a feeling I'll be working until I'm 90! Well, maybe not.
Cool that you're almost a part-time employee of the running store! I can't imagine them NOT hiring you!

DesertHen said...

WOOT! WOOT! Happy Retirement to you! My sister just retired last Friday as well and she is on cloud nine! Sounds like you have some great projects lined up that are fun, fun, fun...and when you are having fun, well it really isn't work at all! =) Congrats and have a blast doing just want you want to do!!

LKP said...

NGL, all those new shoes & the constant new shoe smell would be like crack to me! just sayin'. it's who i am. :)

spending time there sounds like a perfect fit for you. and yeah after reading the other work stuff over the weekend, the retirement is PHENOMENAL! i've worried about how you've actually been doing, ever since i commented over there. so, my heart feels better to know you're finito & one to more blissful endeavors as of 12/1. good for you!

plus you WILL have greater flexibility for your family & road trips, etc! uber win-win.

love you. so ecstatic for you. ::hugs::

Just M said...

Hmm, how did I miss this? Oh I know, I suck at reading blogs lately. Better late than never. CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement!! So happy for you!

Sue said...

Way to go. Retiring is a good thing, especially for grandma's who want to play more..

and selling running shoes is awesome. But I have a feeling you will be spending your pay checks on new shoes.

I might have to come and buy some shoes from you.

gigi said...

Awe... I am just so happy for you!!!!!!!!!! In the Lord's own time things will always fall into place. Congrats my friend!