Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas 2017 from the Catmull's!

Another successful year is in the books!  We've added another little and thus expanding our circle of love a little bigger.

Splenda and mCat:
Splenda is still working at Nature's Sunshine and doing well.  The commute is getting to him though, so a few weeks ago, we found a new home in Saratoga Springs (closer to his work) and we'll be moving sometime the end of January!  Very exciting indeed!  We'll have more room for family and friend gathering's but most important, Splenda won't have to deal with that horrid commute!  We also had a chance to sneak away together in September in Hawaii!  We toured Pearl Harbor, and spent most of the time on the island of Maui.  Driving the road to Hana was a white knuckle experience, but we are so grateful for all the beautiful things to see.  mCat had the once in a lifetime opportunity to tour the Holy Land with her mom.  It was an experience beyond words and if you are interested, it's all here on the blog.  She is still working part time at her beloved Wasatch Running Center and lately has picked up driving Uber part time.  Mostly, we love having all our children and grandchildren so close and enjoying them immensely.

Corbin and Karalee: 
They've had a busy year as well.  Corbin completed his undergraduate bachelor's degree at Westminster earning high honors and recognition from his professors.  He then was awarded the Presidential Scholarship for his Master's program at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.  Luckily, it's a mostly an on line program.  He traveled out there every week for the first semester which was very hard on his family, but now he'll do the rest on line and we are looking forward to going out there to celebrate when he is done and graduates.  He's also working at the University of Utah.  Karalee is still working at the dentist office which allows her a lot of flexibility which is great and she's still running in her spare time.  Chloee is outstanding in the 5th grade!  She's grown so much!  She's a tall girl with a beautiful spirit and soft heart!

Luke and Mindy:
Luke is still working in Orem as Director of Fulfillment at Learning Systems and doing very well.  Mindy has been able to be at home with Carter this last year and has a very good year with her health!  We  are grateful for breakthroughs and new medications!  Carter is a hoot!  He started walking and keeps Mindy on her toes with his mobility.  He looks a lot like Luke, but then there is definite Mindy in there as well so he's the perfect blend of them both.  He's a darling with a wonderful personality that is the perfect fit for their goofy selves.  They are a fun family!  They had an opportunity to go to Disneyland in September and they are doing so well as a family and we are so happy for them!

Preston and Montana:
They have had a full year in that Emma was born in January, and Preston was involved in an accident in September.  He was rear ended on the freeway and then struck by another car.  We feel very blessed in that he walked away with a few bumps, and scrapes and three broken ribs.  By all accounts he should have been more injured but we are so thankful that he was watched over.  Montana has had some health challenges in that she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but she is such a trooper.  You wouldn't even know she was hurting and she has been able to be at home with the girls, so they are very blessed.  They also went to Disneyland in the fall for the girl;s first time! Addy started preschool in the fall and loves it.  Emma is a happy girl that is always eager to play!

It's been a year full of accomplishments that have far outplayed our trials.  In fact, as we close another year - it's evident that our family is so blessed and we are so grateful for all that we have been given and afforded!

Here's to wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year full of love and prosperity!

And to my dirtbags - ILYPI


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DUTA said...

Glad you've had a successful year.
Good Luck with your move to Saratoga Spring!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!