Sunday, July 21, 2013

Moab 2013 - Addy's first time!

Gosh I love our annual Moab trips!  I'm a lucky, ducky to get invited to go with my daughter-in-love and her family.  Totes such a great time!
*Warning - picture overload

Our trip this year wasn't as long.  Nor did Splenda Daddy, Tuffy, Dana or Kyle get to come, so we were missing some key players in our crew.  Admittedly, it just wasn't the same.  Nice - yes, but not quite the same.

We hit the road early Thursday morning - girls road trip!!

Since we knew our time was limited the minute we got there and unloaded we hit the trail for a small hike to Millcreek waterfalls.

You totes can't even tell Montana is pregnant from behind can you?  She is so darling, and I'm glad she would hold Braydee's hand in the slippery water.  And Addy got to experience Moab for the first time.  Okay, in utero, but still

Trying to work up the courage to jump

camera girl bored with me being so chicken so she gets a selfie with sister!

Started and then backed off....


So looking at it from here, it just doesn't look that far down, but I swear to you when I was up on the rock, it was much farther!

LOVE my girl and the little girl cookin inside her!!

No matter what trail, it's always a spectacular view!

Later that night a few of us hit up the Devil's Garden in Arches National Monument.  A fun/scary time last year and funny enough - almost an exact repeat this year! (Read about it here)

The very last light of the night.  We were sitting near an arch in the sand in complete silence.  Each of us lost in our own thoughts and reflection.  Loved it!

The next morning was a day to go bouldering in the morning before it got too hot.  I didn't exactly know what it bouldering was but hey, I'm pretty much game for anything so I went along
Apparently, bouldering is finding a rock like this and then trying to figure out how to climb it.  Dude!  I knew I wouldn't have the arm strength for it, so I looked up the mountain and decided I would do my own "bouldering"

They found a crash pad

This was my idea of bouldering.  I wanted to scramble up as high as I could go.  Looking really, really close you can see a rock formation at the very base of the ledge.  That was where I was headed.

Course Grandpa Larry just chillaxed in the shade

Clearly, you can see why there is no way I could do this.

This was the original mountain I was going to "boulder" until we moved locations

Let;s pretend I conquered it anyway

Sierra was her own master rock climber!

Partway up my mountain - view looking up

View looking down

Halfway up

To the top!!

View looking down.

I will confess that going up was easier than going down.  And the next day, totally felt it in my abs, lats and back.  Pretty sweet workout if ya ask me!

Later in the day we hiked to the waterfalls but wow...the water was so low and the pool filled with dead fish.  Dud of an adventure for us.

Emme nicknamed it "Sushi falls"


Andy, Noel and I found a little hike/nature walk along the Courthouse Wash.  Definitely not a well used trail but we saw things we don't normally get too and of course, the conversation is always worth it.
those are wild turkeys

What the aitch?  I look tired, you can see my left eye crossing in.  It does that when I'm exhausted.

Stunning view

We always have to hit town for some shopping and snow cones!!

This one just made me laugh.  A scoop!  BAH!

Saturday was Fisher Towers.  I decided I really wanted a trail run and so I packed my water, Garmin, sunglasses and headed off on my own.

Trail running is so much harder!

Dude it was hard!!!  I got lost twice so I added a little more mileage than I had anticipated

Finally done and chillin in the car to stay out of the sun while I waited for the others.
Trail running + morning sun + amazing scenery = Spiritual high!

Later that afternoon, the others headed to Canyonlands and a few of us stayed back with Montana.  I hadn't spent as much time with her as I had wanted to and I needed some bonding time ya know!

I think those are some of the most precious moments.  When there is nothing on the agenda but just sitting around and talking.  The 5 of us talked, shared thoughts, laughed, and grew closer together.  I am amazed at how awesome this family is.  I'm always so thankful that they invite us and allow us to come share in their memories.  A real reminder to me that we are placed in each other's lives for specific reasons.  That, and I am a lucky, blessed girl.

We also made dinner that night.  Montana made her bomb enchilada's and I threw together a couple of seven layer dips.

Super good food, and the little stop at the diner on the way out of town gave us some comfort food for the trip home!

So even though there was no river rafting this year, the week was shortened,  and we were missing some critical people of the group, I still came away a much better person.  Amazing how being surrounded by good people, doing good things can make one so happy.  Interesting that no matter the setting- a trail, some rocks, a waterfall, a living room in the home - one can feel the Spirit and be motivated to DO and BE better.  No surprise that we are counseled in our church to improve family relationships and to do things together.  As I watch the Koons and observe how close they are, the fun they have together and the memories they are building, I think of my own childhood and the many things we did as a family and with cousins.  What a precious thing to give your children.  Those kinds of memories.

I don't think the Moab house will last forever, there is talk of trying something new next year - but in thinking about it, it doesn't matter the setting.  The people, the love and the Spirit are what makes the adventure.


Mindy said...

I am constantly amazed at the beauty that can be found in seeming desolation. It's true in life as it is in nature. And you're right - it's the times spent strengthening those family bonds that bring the lasting joy and beauty life has to offer.

By the way - you caught some gorgeous scenery. I have the feeling a certain guardian angel would approve. :)

Thanks for sharing your trip. Hope you winked or waved at Green River as you passed by. :)

Dallin said...

Protip: Add taco seasoning to the sour cream on your 7-layer dip. Oh my goodness it just adds a great zing and flavor.

Dallin, still stalking just as faithfully as always.

Just SO said...

Looks like an awesome trip! How far is it into those first falls? That looks like an great hike!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

You are so amazing.
You just are.

Love the pictures.


wendy said...

The pictures were all cool. I think you are the energizer on steroids (tee,hee)
You keep saying totes....what are totes???
There is so much to see at Moab.

karen said...

Looked like a fun trip with your girls. The water part I especially liked. The hot desert part, not so much, but I know you are a crazy girl and enjoyed the "aitch" our of it. You go, girl! I'm unable to do hiking/running of any sort, so I count on you to do it for me! Maybe a trail on my bike, though?

namaste said...

these are some spectacular pictures. that jump into the water?! you're braver than i! and all that walking? um, no, i couldn't. but you are AMAZING!

"chillaxed" lol! you're too cute ;-)

tammy said...

Looks like you had a blast. I really want to find some cool water to jump into now after looking at those pics.

Kristin Klein said...

You're making me a bit homesick here . . . love all the photos!