Monday, August 12, 2013

Deseret New 1/2 Marathon 2013

Okay, I KNOW!  It's only been almost a whole month, but sheesh - life gets in the way.  And right now, I have so many blog posts lined up that if I don't get on the ball and get memories documented, well......then it's never gonna happen.  New goal:  Post more.

So my cool boss at Wasatch Running Center thought it would be a fun thing for all the store employees to run this race.  Oh yeah, I'm down for that!!

I've always done the 10k, but this year they added a half marathon and we all know how much I love a half!

G was kind enough to book a couple of hotel rooms close to the bus loading area so that we didn't have to get up in the middle of the freakin night just to drive and park.
(my ever lucky NYY blankie)

(Gibby, me and Millie)

Instead, we literally met in the lobby and trotted down to the loading area.  Nice little warm up.

We managed to meet up with each other - just missing Jon in here.
(l-r Gibbs, Val, G, Me, D, Aaron and Millie)

And when I wandered down to drop my bag in the truck I ran into another running buddy!
Love Dan the MAN!

Next thing you know, we are on our way!  Gibby and I stuck together pretty much most of the course.  So fun to have a running pal that keeps pace with you and even better pushes ya just that little bit more.  She is stellar at that!  Love my Gib girl!

The course was beautiful, the sky a little overcast and the temp was perfect.  As we hit the gentle uprising east towards South Temple, I dropped back a little and Gib's went ahead.  I could keep her in my sights so that became my goal.  As I rounded the corner onto State street, I saw Aaron.  He's a sprinter that isn't used to this many miles and he was not happy!

Once on state street, the fun begins!  The crowds, the people, the cheering just give me that extra little push.  I caught back up to Gibb's for a minute and then sagged back again.

That last stretch up to Liberty Park is my least favorite of all!  GAH!  It's ever so slightly up hill, the crowds aren't as loud and cheering as on state street, so this is where I look for my favorite Cahoon's.  I know where they usually camp overnight and I am in desperate need of just a little extra push.

I look, I look, I look and I can't see them anywhere.  I'm left to my own power and oddly, feeling pretty good actually.  The finish line comes into view and as I start to kick for the home stretch, I hear my name and there is my cute Splenda Daddy cheering and taking pictures.

My man.  Always. There!

I came through the chute and hit my garmin.   I didn't have a chip in my packet so I had to rely on my own garmin for my official time.  I was told I could give it to the timing trailer and they would add it into the results, but that's never happened.  HOWEVER, if it had been official, I would have been 6th in my age group and for that I am happy.

Overall, it was a great race.  I felt good.  Sure, I wanted a 1:45 but still pretty pleased with what I came away with.  We lingered in the park trying to find our whole group for a picture but it never happened.   Instead, I got me and Gibb's at the store later.

So, another 1/2 in the books.  A great day, great race, great friends and co workers to run with.  Hoping that G decides to make this a store tradition cause it was FABULOUS!


Pedaling said...

Way to go!

Connie said...

I always love reading your running posts! Good job!

Lori Laurent Smith said...

Great post. Almost makes me want to start running again. Almost. {grins}

" Hit It......." said...

Good job. Keep bugging them to add your time; you deserve the credit. You looked awesome in the pictures.

Kristin Klein said...

You rock . . . yes you do :)



gigi said...

You are just awesome!

tammy said...

Great job! And I am loving your hair.