Monday, July 1, 2013

The end of an era......

Goodbye my beloved Benny the Jet Mini Cooper....... you've been a fun friend and cohort for the past couple of years, but I suppose it's time for someone else to have the joy of owning you.

I drowned my sorrows by eating an entire Iceberg milk shake.

Don't judge me.


tammy said...

Sad face.

jim said...


DesertHen said...

Awww...Sad! Ice cream to the rescue!

Pedaling said...

Big Daddy, he gets attached to cars and homes and stuff...I have some sort of attachment disorder, so I cannot relate.
But, I do send my regrets. I am sure the milk shake did make you feel better though, at least while it was going down!

karen said...

I would never judge because I know you feel a little better now, yes? I would feel the same way about getting rid of my little Miata.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

It was so you!!!!
Little and full of horsepower!

Not judging. I'd have had two.

wendy said...

Your consoling remedy is awesome.
Bennie the Jet...I didn't know you named it that. So funny.
So what are you driving now !!

We don't have Iceburg I'll have to settle for a dairy queen time I feel depressed or down.

Sue said...

Iceberg is a family favorite.. Perfect place to drown your goodbyes!

That car was you! (I'm not helping)

So glad to see you are mature and able to move on, and that "things" don't define you, and you are able to let go of possessions. Blah, blah, blah

Sorry I loved that car:(

BUT KNOWING YOU!!! Whatever you get will be just as great cause you'll be driving it:)

Mom of 12 said...

Awww. I love that little car.

Kristin Klein said...

I feel the pain . . . and would KILL for an Iceberg shake about now :D