Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Through the eyes of.....

an almost 5 year old

Chloee had some fun with my camera
the living room blinds

her backpack with baseball bat

her nightstand but blurry

Poppa playing WWF and Daddy pulling faces

Another shot of the same

and yet another shot of the same

not sure how this one happened


More Mommy

Have no clue

Mommy doing her hair

Look how serious she is taking her photography

I love this one

Oops, must have moved when clicking

and there is her jacket

not sure what this is, but she is taking it into the laundry room

smile Mimi

Smile Poppa

Smile Daddy

A great shot of her closet 

I realize that these are likely only interesting to me, but that's okay.  My blog,.  My stuff.

Love her creativeness and now I have ideas for a birthday present : )


mackenzie said...

so glad that everything is going well for her!!

Sue said...

Chloee is taking after you!

She looks happy with her life.

yep, I see a camera coming her way.

wendy said...

OF COURSE these are interesting, because she is your grandaughter and nothing is more
then our grandkids and every little thing they do and say.
So...being one myself, I say post away. forgot to update your bucket list, and mark off CRUISE.

I think you have great buckets list stuff my friend, and I just wish I could put one together...and then put DONE beside it.
Would feel so rewarding I think. I am a list crosser-offer
I am using some interesting words here aren't I.

Somedays, here in the country, my life gets a little like Ground Hog day, same thing practically to the hour. It's a rhythm of life I am trying to get used to I guess.

Maybe my bucket list could start with "change up the hours" (tee,hee)
love ya

Mae Rae said...

it is amazing the life they see.

DesertHen said...

It is so fun to look at "life" at their level! She did a great job taking those photos! I gave cameras to our kids when they were little and they were thrilled to take photos of "their" world as they saw it! They both love photography to this day and are very good at it!

Cherie said...

I love to see the shots kids take. They look at the world and what is important to them. Obviously her family is important :-D

How was your cruise woman?

More importantly are you coming to the blog dinner on March 10th?

" Hit It......." said...

I have missed you. How was the cruise? Go to Cherie's dinner..I am going and I would love to see you.

btw - I am thrilled Chloe' is calling Karalee "Mommy." It made my day.

Karalee said...

Love it... she's a great photographer! :)

gigi said...

Funny how I have some of those same shots on my camera! Don't ya just love it?

Ann Marie said...

I appreciate this.. having an almost 5 year old myself. :)

tammy said...

I see a birthday present in her future.