Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

A lot of time on my hands.  A lot of time in my head.  Not sure either is a good idea.

Actually it really is.   Good times.

WWF - love it, but can't win a game to save my life!  I used to be smart - I swear!  I was intelligent once.
And then mid-life hit and like a teenager, my brain cells spilled right out into some gutter to be washed away with the next rainstorm.  Teenagers get theirs back in their early to mid- twenties.  Will I get mine back or am I doomed?

Speaking of rainstorms, it's been raining today.  Is that why I can't seem to get my arse outta bed?

My whole schedule is off.  No gym since I have been resting the leg.  I still wake up early and make myself do something (not exercise, just moving around), but I am missing the daily talk with my peeps.  Will be getting back there next week.

The leg is strange.  I now have pain in my knee as well.  Probably because I have some strange walking mechanics because of the calf.  Freak.  I'm trying not to walk, but geesh - a girl has to get around you know.

Splenda is still moving all our home videos to files on our computer.  It has been so much fun to see stuff I had totally forgotten about.  For Splenda he is able to keep the years straight based on my hair style and color.  See my frequent changes are HELPFUL!

I can't wait for the boys to see the final product. The memories.........  I have the best family - I swear it.

Speaking of memories, with the old tree now gone.  Cut into firewood, my oldest expressed a little sadness that their climbing tree, their batting practice tree, their shade tree, their hide and seek tree is no longer.  As it was cut up for logs, we found it infested with carpenter ants.  Pretty sure the neighbors might want to treat their trees that are in close proximity.  I've a feeling they are everywhere.  Insidious things!

Catching up on a lot of reading.  Reading that should have been done on a regular basis.  Loving it.  Need a good thriller book, or fascinating biography to get lost in though.  Taking recommendations.

Started watching Modern Family on Hulu.  FUNNY show!  FUNNY stuff!  I have a new fav to add to my short list.

Speaking of funny.  I get a distress message that a bestie's basement is flooding.  I offer to head over and help.  I don clothes, get out the rubber thigh high boots, and google how to work a shop vac only to get a follow up message that the electrician had cleaned it all up.  I went back to bed. 

 Um, that was funnier in my head.

I have a new phone.  No smart phone for me.  I'm pretty sure I could never figure out how to work one.  Just a nice basic phone with a camera, and keyboard.  Momma doesn't need fancy.  But,  I can't type a single message yet without it taking 20 minutes and no less than 8 errors.  Okay, THAT is funny.

*sigh*..........teaching an old dog new tricks or even the SAME tricks is a challenge..........

More diet coke - peace out friends


Garden of Egan said... dangerous to have time on your hands or in your head. It's hilarious.

Uhm, your splitting brain cells, don't think for a minute that just because you have more of them, that it makes you smarter.

It doesn't.
Just sayin'

So I say embrace it.
I've been dumber for years. Just ask my spawn.

Sorry about the leg/knee/muscle thing. You really should be nicer to your joints.

So, I'm wanting to see your hairstyles.
Were you like totally trendy and have the newest do?
Please........bring on the 80's!!!! I wanna see what you got!

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I love that he is using your hair color/style to keep things in order! Gee, the things us moms do to make things easier on our

Mom of 12 said...

It sounds like we have the same phone. I'm just not smart enough for a smart phone.

Ann Marie said...

Ditto what Tauna said. All of it.

tammy said...

We should play WWF together because I think we'd be a pretty good match.

Modern Family is hilarious!! OMG. Love that show.

DesertHen said...

Smart phone be danged...they confuse the heck out of me! Can't even figure out how to answer the daughers when it rings! Ha! Took me forever to get the hang of the keyboard on my phone. It still takes me FOREVER to send a text!

Sorry bout the tree! Each time you burn a piece of the wood someone should share a memory about the tree.

Amy said...

Since you have so much time on your hands we should try to do lunch again. With all of my craziness it may be November.

Hopefully the leg is healing alright. It is a good thing that your resting up.

I wish I had more videos of my son but I was never big on taking the video camera with me.

Plain Jame said...

I finally just upgraded to a smart phone. I love it, but I think it's because it's so easy to use. My husbands phone? No way, POS makes me insane.
WWF is fun - it takes practice and learning the strategies without cheating. I hate playing with people that cheat constantly. I hate that I'm into it though - just one more distraction I need in my life...

Mrs. Organic said...

Have you read "Unbroken"?