Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday Wrandom Wrambling - Thursday edition

GAH!  What a week!  Good things, bad the middle things.

No stress fracture.  That's good.  I still can't run without pain in my calf so I'm not buying the diagnosis of a shin splint (believe me, I've had those), but the MRI showed nothing to be worried about, so along with my business I go.  Running will come when it doesn't hurt anymore.

The doggies got shaved (badly needed) but now they are cold so the extra snuggling has begun.  Jordan totally gets the idea of spooning, however Jack has no concept of personal space.  My face is NOT an appropriate snuggling spot!

Speaking of cold....the temps are dropping and it's getting cooler.  Mama no likey.  It's no secret how I feel about any season other than summer.  I'm gonna try really hard not to get too depressed until next June.  Without my hot lightbulb bed, it'll be hard, but I'm gonna give it a try.  Maybe I just need to schedule more time in Chloeefornia.

Yeah, I call it Chloeefornia now.  Thanks Lisa!

The wedding plans are solid and just about all set.  I'm still looking for matching ties, but I think I am gonna get that nailed down today.  After that, there are some minor detail things, but they are things that have to be done the day of.  Looking good!

Speaking of weddings.  Is it just me or do people in general NOT give an RSVP anymore?  I'd like to get a final headcount for the luncheon, but not getting responses.  Oh well, I am just glad that people want to celebrate with us!

Qadaffi is there's that.

Biden should not be allowed to speak.  Ever.

Second bathroom coming along well. Splenda Daddy is a rockstar!!  I like when he comes up with the vision, the colors, the layout and then just asks me what I think.  I always like it, so it then becomes easy.  I have no eye for stuff like this, and not particularly picky so win-win for both of us!

And with that in mind, I have lot's to do today........ peace out, girls scouts!



CountessLaurie said...

I love Chloeefornia.
I feel your pain, I am getting paler by the second over here. Although we've been lucky and it is not getting really cool yet. Only minorly cool.


Mae Rae said...

Chloeefornia is the best thing i have read in days!
I can't run PERIOD so feeling your pain. Tee hee, not so much but you know that it hurts me when you hurt. I am heading to the dessert this weekend so i will pick up some heat for you and blow it sideways.

Ann Marie said...

I'm with ya lady with the weather.
I am not looking forward to the dreary.. and then first Holidays without Dad stuff too. I may need a few California trips for myself. :)

Grateful the Bathroom and wedding stuff is coming along.. and grateful no fracture! Blessings!

LOVE the name Chloeefornia. Perfect for you.

gigi said...

Great update! Keep on keeping on!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Wish my hubby was so easy when I comes to home improvements....sounds like you have someone marrying into the family? I really really need to catch up here, I think! :-)

tammy said...

Chloeefornia is perfect. I say go there as much as you can during the dreaded winter months.

I don't get what is up with people not RSVPing anymore! So rude. I'd be tempted to call everyone and ask them and drive the point home.

I want pics of the bathroom when it's done. I wish we were redoing our bathroom.

Jamie said...

Wedding plans are always fun, I think people these days are not sure what the RSVP stands for. We are so lax socially. You should come to sunny AZ. I think we are having summer all year, and that doe NOT make me happy....
I can't wait to see the new bathroom.

wendy said...

Quadaffi's dead???

Just kidding, I knew that. I know I am isolated, but I try and catch up with the {world} every now and then.

I think, overall, people are getting lazy with RSVP's, thank you notes......just over all "Ann Landers Politness"

We are becoming very "unetiquettishness" ...ha ha ha, totally made up word incase you were confused.

yes yes, plan many trips to Choeefornia.

winter sucks. I will get my 72 hour kit ready for my winter.....happy pills, chocolate, happy pills...

peace out

wendy said...

spelled Chloeefornia wrong...fixed it

Pedaling said...

i get that winter depression thing right around february....

Cloeefornia sounds like the perfect therapy.

love it when you sneak in a little bit of politics or world events in your rambling posts.

Garden of Egan said...

You have really had a wedding year. You're getting good at it. You should do it professionally.
For reals.

Awesome that Splendadaddy is so great with the remodel and you don't have to mess and think about colors and crap like that.
I can't do decisions like that either, I'm afraid of the consequences.

You are brilliant.

Ugh, the weather changes. I'm the same. I'm just hanging onto the last of the sunlight. I am getting worse every year.
Maybe I'll head to Utah in the depths of winter cause it's a lot warmer there and I'll take you to lunch.
And we'll get pedicures for your nacktasty may have toenails by then. (oh come the dry heaves again)

Oh, you better be wearing close-toed shoes for the wedding.

And I ain't kidding.

Mamafamilias said...

I didn't waste money on the RSVP notes/stamps when my daughter got married because I knew half of them wouldn't come back anyway. So I feel your pain. On the other hand, I'm guilty of not having sent one back either.....

Biden is not the only one who should not be allowed to speak. Ever.

Chloeefornia sounds good to me!

Sue said...

good things.... bad the middle things.. I like the way you word things!

Chloeefornia is very vlever. I love play on words.

rsvps' are the worse. People can be rude and just inconsiderate.

Can't wait to see the bathroom. Its the place where we come up with our best ideas.

Teachinfourth said...

Hope you can purchase a tanning bed, heat lights, or lie under a giant magnifying glass for a while to get that temp up, girl...

Mrs. Organic said...

My youngest just asked me to start calling her Chloe Mc (as in McDonalds) because she wanted a cooler sounding name. True story. And I love Chloeefornia.