Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Fun.....Bridal Shower numero dos

I am a blessed girl with a lot of friends.   And GOOD friends.  No doubt about it! 
So in addition to the family bridal shower, some of my bestie besties threw a friend/ward shower.  And the beauty is, since Tuffy and 'Tana have grown up together in the same neighborhood/ward - the guest list was easy!

Food, women and presents - does it get any better??

l-r  sister Alexis, Mom Dana, 'Tana, and friend Donna

add in on the left cousin Savannah

me and one of my former YW - Anita  (Braydee in the background)  Where the hell did those extra chins of mine come from?  That's it - no eating for the next week!

ooh la la!  Remember, these are church friends.  Us Mormons know how to partay!

'Tana wanted to know if the frosting was supposed to be for the cake

Opening her future MIL's first gift

Wha???  I think she SHOULD be wearing this on her wedding night.  Sheesh!

opening the second gift from her future MIL

Okay, we all know this is what she WILL be wearing....GAH!!  Brain bleach please!!

So many friends came out to show support

Freaking LOVED this card - again, us Mormon girls.......bow chika wow wow!!

Thanks to our good friends for all the hard work to make this shower so much fun and so beautiful
l-r  Me, Lisa, 'Tana, Jeri, Deb's, Whitney and Kristin

Not pictured is Debbie whose home she graciously opened up to us.  Details on why she is missing is coming in another post.......  Love you Debbie

And another HUGE shout out and thanks to everyone who came, laughed, ate, giggled, and hopefully did not leave offended!!

6 more sleeps and we have a married couple on our hands!!!


tammy said...

Wow, it's almost here! I love your gifts. I'm getting a little worried though. I've only seen lingerie pics, will this girl have any pots and pans??

Cherie said...

Wow It is coming up fast!! Busy busy! The shower looks great and it is so nice to have so many friends and so much loving support! The card made me laugh!!

Connie said...

So much fun! She'll have to wear that lingerie to work to get some good use out of it.
When my oldest daughter got married, an older sister in the ward got her some lingerie! Everyone was a bit surprised but we were even more surprised when this 70+ year old sister told us that the way she chooses lingerie is, she throws it on the floor of the store, if it looks good there, it's perfect!

6 more sleeps! Exciting!!

Garden of Egan said...

If it looks good on the floor.....I wanna be like that when I'm 70!

I'm so glad that you had a great time. Sounds like your ward is perfect.
She is stinkin' cute.
So are you. I'm lovin' your short hair.

Sue said...

What a fun shower. Lingerie is the best. It gets everyone laughing and sets the tone.

You have amazing friends.

some good times coming your way.

btw love your hair, and you do not have extra chins!!! haha Why do you think I wear scarves all the time?

Mom of 12 said...

You are so lucky to have so many good friends! How fun for you. I wish one (or two...or three...) of mine were getting married.

Ann Marie said...

Yay for fun showers!!
Happy for you and your family with only a few more days to go!

You look amazing! Double chins.. pfh.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a ton of fun. I love that card!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Fun party! And you don't have extra chins - just got caught in a bad neck position. I happens to me A LOT! Congrats on the upcoming new D-I-L!

Amy said...

Sounds like great fun. I've been out of bloggy world for a few weeks so playing catch up. I didn't realize the nuptuals were coming up so soon.

Pedaling said...

love that they grew up together!
such fun times and people and friends...

" Hit It......." said...

That red nightie needs to be burned...ha ha! She is too young for nighties like that!

Looks like a ton of fun.

wendy said...

It just looks like it was the best time ever.
LOVE the card !!!
can't wait to hear about the wedding.
I agree on the lingerie comments (tee,hee)
I'm like ..HEY, can't ya just enjoy it , for like 2 min??

DesertHen said...

Fun, fun, fun! I about spit my coffee all over the computer when I read that card! Love it! Love your sense of humor! =P

Mamafamilias said...

Agreed. Sounds like fun, fun, fun!!! If I had been in town, I think I would've crashed that party - even though no one knows me. Think they would have noticed? Can't wait for the wedding post!