Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Annual Christmas Card - 2013 - mCat style

A couple of years ago, I realized that I just don't have it in me to do Christmas cards.  I absolutely LOVE getting them and they go right on my fridge and hang all through the holiday season.  I love seeing everyone's family's and hearing of their adventures through the year.

But me actually SENDING some?  Yeah. Not gonna happen.  I just can't do it.  I know.....fail.  Whatev's.

So I decided to just create one on the computer and post it on the blog for EVERYONE!  Saves postage, saves me from tracking down addresses and most importantly, I don't forget anyone.  Some might call that impersonal, I call it efficient and since I know I am sincere, it's just as heartfelt.

If you're curious to see the past years editions click 2012 and then 2011...you can see how much OUR family has changed as well.

So...........(imagine a drumroll...).........

I had to get fancy this year and actually use the text feature to get all our names in.  I know, I know, it just doesn't look as crafty and misses that special touch, but hey, I can only do what I can do.

So our 2012 wrap up?

Splenda Daddy got a very nice promotion and is now a director.  I wish I could tell you which department, but if I did, then I would have to kill you.  He is uber busy and works more hours than a person should, but he likes what he does.  The commute is taking a toll, so we expect to look for housing closer to Utah County in 2014.

mCat is still running.  I hate talking in the third person, so let's just say, I had a killer personal year in the race department.  Posted a couple of course PR's.  And most importantly QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON!  Yeah.  Flights, hotel and registration are all confirmed.  We'll be heading to beantown in April of 2014.  I'm still working at Wasatch Running and loving every minute of it.  I never have to say, "I have to go to work", it's more a  "I get to go to work!"  

Corbin was able to take advantage of the government cutbacks (courtesy of the Obummer) and was granted a change in his USMC contract.  As of December 2nd, he was honorably discharged from active duty.  He now serves as an inactive reserves Marine, so.... after 3 different duty stations, some rank promotions and several leadership awards, his active duty career has come to an end.  He also got the privilege of serving as an assistant to his Ward mission leader and was honored to baptize a fellow Marine a week or two before he left.  

Karalee maintained a stellar job at being an awesome mother to Chloee.  The last few months have been stressful while waiting word on what would happen with Corbin and the Corp, but now they are home in Utah.  She was offered a job the second day they were home and she is happily working full time, while Corb now takes on the stay at home Dad role for a short period of time.  She is loving being back to work and more than anything loving being back home in Utah.  Alone out in Cali was hard for her, and I love and respect her so much for her sacrifice.  She also had the chance to serve in the Young Women's organization.  She is perfect there!

Chloee is just as adorable as ever!  HELLO!!  Can this girl get any cuter?  Or smarter?  Or sweeter?  She's the complete package this one.  Early into her school year at first grade, the school administrator approached Corb and Kar about moving her to the second grade.  She is wicked smart and ready to move forward.  Knowing that a school change was inevitable anyway, they decided to let her have a stable classroom circumstance for now.  Needless to say, she is flourishing.  Such a great reader, but more importantly, she has the sweetest personality.  She is now going to school here in Utah and so far, thriving!

Luke found the love of his life in late 2012 and in April of this year married our newest daughter-in-love Mindy.  I know I have posted about it so if you want to go back and read, feel free.  He is beyond happy.  They have a townhome in Saratoga Springs and he recently received a promotion as well.  He is a manager at Thrive and is doing very well there as well as some internet businesses he has.  They got Ally ( an older rescue) a few months ago, and he's loving his life.  He and Mindy are Nursery Leaders and to hear their stories on Sunday's are just hysterical!

Mindy has been such a blessing and asset to our family!  She just completes our little infinity loop of my children.  I feel blessed to have such wonderful women married to my sons.  She worked most of the year in the OR as a tech, and recently fulfilled her dream of working in heart and lung surgery.  This girl goes after something and works until she can achieve it!  The summer brought some health issues, and with Luke getting his promotion, they've made a wise decision to have her resign and stay home.  She'll work on her health and for now is really a blessing to Corbin and Karalee since they are staying in their home.  She works part time at a bakery out in Daybreak and spends her time working on the internet businesses and  serving other people.

Preston had a big year too.  He left Macey's grocery store and now is a Merchandiser for Swire Coca-Cola (yes, he's my new diet coke pimp).  He works long hours but makes great money.  I am so proud of  his work ethic.  Kid straight up amazes me.  Most importantly, he became a daddy in September and my biggest joy is in watching him with his daughter.  He is clearly smitten and over the moon about her and it shows in his every move.  Nothing warms a momma's heart more than to see her children become great parents.  They moved into an apartment in Sandy and thankfully, aren't too far from home.

Montana became a MOTHER!!  Yes!  And what a fantastic mother she is!  I watched her struggle with pregnancy (some early labor, hospital stays, nausea, fatigue), but handle it like a champ.  I don't think I ever heard her complain once!  She continues to work at Village Baker as a manager and even though she is only working part time, she is doing enough to give her a little break now and again and get out of the house.  And while I am glad they have their own place now, I will admit, I get lonely for her sometimes.

Addy joined the family September 26, 2012.  Addysen Sophia Catmull.  What a freakin DOLL!  She arrived safely, and in good health. She's chunking up nicely and is cooing and smiling.  So fun!  It's been a kick to pull all the baby stuff upstairs and remember when Chlo was that little.  Addy looks so much like her Momma, but on occasion she'll pull an expression that looks like Preston.  She's a beautiful combination and we couldn't be happier to have her in our family!

So that's it kids.  That's us in a nutshell for 2013.   A lot of happy, happy, happy blessings came our way.  Sometimes I get a little nervous wondering when the next big challenge will come since we all know life is expected to be hard and challenging.  For now, I'm gonna enjoy the good year and recognize that we've been blessed beyond anything we could imagine.

Here's to looking forward to 2014



Lazarus said...

Great round-up mCat, sounds like all is going great with the family. For someone I've never "met" in "real life," I really feel like I know you and yours. Merry Christmas!

DesertHen said...

I just love your Christmas card and recap! Great to hear that Corb and family are back home in Utah! A BIG Thank you to him for his service and to all of you as well for your families sacrifices and for supporting your Marine! =)Enjoy the Christmas season with your grand babies!

Merry Christmas!

tammy said...

Hey, you did more than me in the Christmas card department this year!

So if you move closer to Utah County and I move to Lehi, we could almost be neighbors??

So happy for all the goodness going on in your life.

" Hit It......." said...

Reading your online XMAS card made my day. This year has been incredible for you. Can I just say how happy I am for you and your family that Corb and the girls are back..YAY!

You are a wonderful lady and you have a beautiful family. Love you my cute friend.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I love your Christmas card! It is stellar.
It was a great rundown on the year. So happy for your adorable family and all the great things that have happened this year for you all.

Congrats to Splenda Daddy for the aweosme promotion. He's truly a hero.