Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday's Wrandom Wrambling

It's been a long time since I wrote a wrambling post.

Today my youngest turns 22.  TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD!   I must have had him when I was 12.  'Cause I am seriously not that old.  Nope.

Still on baby watch.  I swear to you, this has been the longest labor I have ever known.  Truly.  She's been in somewhat active labor for almost 6 weeks.  My heart goes out to my daughter-in-love.  I am just weary FOR her.  If I could do it for her, I totally would.  Poor thing.

It would be fun if Addysen decided to come today.  Being her daddy's birthday and all.  I share my birthday with my Daddy and I always thought it was super cool.  And he would make a big deal about letting it be MY day.  

*sigh*  Fingers crossed and praying hard.

I also find out today if I made it into the Boston Marathon.  Just posting a qualifying time isn't enough.  Too many people and too little slots.  The choices are made based on speed.  My two minute and 8 second cushion, I fear will not be enough.  In all reality, it's okay.  My only goal was to actually qualify.  BUT, if I do somehow scrape in, flights will be booked and accommodations will be sought.  I'm looking at YOU Countess.  

And for those naysayers who think that Big Cottonwood is an easy course to qualify on.  I ask you:  Have YOU run it?  Have YOU qualified on it?  It's harder than it would seem.  People look at the 19 miles of downhill and think it's a piece of cake.  Not so much.  I'm going to be proud of my accomplishment despite some detracting grumblings going around. Sooo...suck it.

We are back to an empty nest.  Kids are back out in an apartment.  Just me and the Splenda Daddy rattling around the house.  Makes me want to get it all fixed up and sell the sucker.  Downsize and get rid of the big yard.  Maybe closer to Splenda's work.  Decisions, decisions.

I've had some weird allergic reaction to something on my eyes and my lids are all dry, itchy and scaly.  I threw out all my make up and have been going "naked" for several days.
It isn't pretty.  I frighten people.  Good thing I replaced it all and maybe today will try to look normal.

Ever gotten an autumn cold that just kinda lingers?  Doesn't blow up into a full on sinus infection or URI requiring serious drugs, just an annoyance?
Just wondering.

Jace had a sleep over last night.  Fascinates me to watch these dogs be absolutley SO HAPPY to be with each other.  Unabashed joy. 
People could take a lesson.

Let's talk Breaking Bad.  Holy.Smokes!
Seriously, never has a series gotten a hold of my attention like this one has.  The writing, the story lines, the characters, the directing.  All stellar.  Pretty raw and not for everyone, but dang!
Series finale is on Sunday and I approach it with mixed emotions.  Part of me is ready for some closure, and part of me will miss these sad, despicable people.
Baby stepping to Sunday night.

Speaking of despicable.  Anyone else watching the news lately and just wishing for Jesus to come already?
No?  Just me?

On that note - I'm out.

Peace and blessings yo


namaste said...

breaking bad: wow wow WOWEEE!!! the BEST series ever! seriously, like you said, the writing, cast, director ... stellar! even baby holly, is awesome! the best cautionary tale about the wrong side of the law i've ever seen.

i hope your daughter-in-love delivers soon. good luck with qualifying for the marathon. that's exciting! :)

gigi said...

That would be just special if you had a new GRANDbaby today on your son's birthday!

Oh, I so hope you can qualify! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Pedaling said...

And she rambles! Yippee!

I think you most likely were 12...cuz it just can't be....22???

Active labor- never had that, but sure doesn't sound fun! Such an exciting time though! So happy for y'all!

Naysayers...what is up with that. Okay, how about they get out there and beat your time! How about them apples?!

The news is depressing...yeah, I think I'm ready for Jesus.

Peace and blessings, right back at ya...I'm out, too!

CountessLaurie said...

I am here for you ... always...

" Hit It......." said...

I second what Pedaling said. I couldn't run or qualify for Big Cottonwood. That's when you just want to flip them the bird...but you don't do that :)

Good luck on your new granddaughter. I love her name. Why don't they just start your daughter in law and put her out of this misery? As long as she hits 38 weeks, who cares. Please post pics as soon as this little beauty arrives. Hugs!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Hope that grandbaby arrives all squishy and cuddley!
You're the best granma!

Congrats on the Boston Marathon....or BM for short....prolly shouldn't go there, being a nurse and all, but I'm so dang proud of you I could burst my buttons.

Soloman said...

I haven't been to the blogger spehere in the longest time, but I thought I'd stop in and say hey.

So hey! Congrats on Boston - I hope it's all the experience you expect it to be and then some!

TV shows.. I'll have to invest my efforts on Breaking Bad someday.. now that y'all have been getting all excited about it every week you've got me interested. Since we bounced show ideas back & forth the other night.. Hostages on CBS looks kinda cool.. and I am gonna invest some time on Revolution.. its produced by JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions company (they made Lost, and I loved that show) and it looks interesting. Season 2 started this year so I've gotta do a season 1 marathon. Did you catch on to The Bridge on FX? That one's pretty darned good.

The news.. #MakeDCListen.. what else is there to say? Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did a stand-up job of showing what principles and character look like. Cruz for Prez in 2016 seems pretty viable right now.. of course the winds can shift.. buy hey, he did graduate Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School and was the primary editor of The Harvard Law Review. We know those credentials won't fly in the mainstream.. hey, wait a minute...

tammy said...

The new grand daughter is adorbs!

BB - outstanding!

Ready for Jesus to come - raising hand! Just give me until after next February, then I'm good to go.