Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A little cabin in the woods, some prenatal drama, and a whole lot of love

I've written about the cabin before here.  Splenda's mom shares it with her siblings, and we get the blessing to go up a couple of times a year and enjoy.
(view from the front room of the cabin)

With new girls in the family, and some free time we wanted to take advantage of it, so we planned a long weekend of doing absolutely nothing but kicking around and enjoying the mountains.

Tuffy and 'Tana went up Thursday and then Splenda Daddy and I packed up all three dogs, food and games and headed up late that night after I got off work.

First sign that the weekend wasn't going to be what we expected was as we were almost turning in the driveway to the cabin, we saw Tuffy and 'Tana headed down the mountain in their car the other way.  We pulled alongside each other and by the looks on their faces, it wasn't good.  Montana was having contractions 3 minutes apart and so they were heading home.  We gave them Jace and instructions to make sure to call us and keep us updated.

Splenda Daddy and I unloaded the car, got everything situated in the cabin and realized that we had no cell service.  Thankfully, the cabin has a landline so we called Tuffy's number and made sure he knew how to get a hold of us.  They had ended up going to the hospital and they were checking things.  He promised to keep us updated.

Huh.  Well this sucks.  Our long weekend of spending time with our kids didn't seem to start off well.  We debated whether or not we should head down to the hospital or stay there and try to sleep, or bag the whole weekend (Luke and Mindy were coming the next day).

We hunkered down and tried to sleep.  The dogs were in heaven of course with so much to explore and so many smells to smell, but Splenda and I were on edge.  Finally, at 1:30 in the morning Tuffy called to let us know that they were going to be keeping Montana for awhile since the contractions were moving her along and she was too early to safely deliver.  They were going to work on getting them stopped.

After some more tossing and turning, the sun started to rise and the dogs wanted out to explore.

I put on my trail shoes to try and get some trail miles in.  Splenda stayed back at the cabin in case the kids called and I took my cell phone to see if I could get service higher up on the road with less trees.

The run was spectacular.  Oh.my.goodness!  Seriously, Timberlakes is one of the most beautiful places on earth and to run, in the early morning, with nothing but trees and the sounds of nature was absolutely cathartic!  I got some cell service, talked to the boy, and made the decision that we would come to the hospital, check on them, and decide what to do from there.

We packed up the dogs, leaving everything else at the cabin and headed back to SL.  After a stop at home to let the dogs in the back yard, we headed over to the hospital.  Unfortunately, the contractions had done enough in the labor process that Montana was going to be kept, moved to a another room and would be staying for the foreseeable future.  Plans were put in place, medication given in case she delivered, and then it just became a waiting game.

Based on the fact that they were in good hands, there was nothing we could do there but sit and wait, we decided that we would pick up Luke and Mindy and go back up to the cabin for the rest of the weekend, unless we got a call saying it was time to get back down.

Another quick stop at home, get the dogs, out to the kids house, get them loaded and back up the mountain we went.  Mindy had never been to the cabin so even though she was on crutches it was still a relaxing and enjoyable place to be.  I think Luke loved showing here where so many of his childhood memories were made.

(a common sight - deer everywhere)

We played games, talked, watched Jack get tormented by the chipmunks and overall enjoyed the peace that the cabin brings.  I got some hill repeats in on Saturday morning, we did some work around the property, napped, and did what one SHOULD do at the cabin and that is relax.

(my new blankie that my Minds made me!)

(this beauty turned his head completely around to look at us)

(and a random pic of how we keep warm in the chilly mornings)

Later in the evening, we drove down to Heber and to our favorite shake shop.  With cell service there, we checked in on the kids at the hospital, grateful for no changes and then back to the cabin and our last night there.

Not gonna lie, it was strange to be "disconnected"  No service.  No phones or gadgets to play with or get drawn in to.  Just the fun of being with each other, talking and playing games.  Making memories.  Can't wait until Corb and his girls get home so we can take them up there.

With Minds on crutches and not able to run, her CF got bad in her lungs.  And while we screwed around playing with her treatment vest, I want it known that I HATE this disease, and will dedicate more of my time and resources to finding a cure.

Sunday, we lazed around until early afternoon, then packed up, cleaned and headed home.  After dropping the kids off, and dumping things at the house, we headed back over to the hospital for another check on Montana.  Luckily, no further progression but since she was still having contractions, she was staying at least a week.  Bummer, but glad that everything is okay.

So that's it for our annual cabin time.  Not quite the weekend we were expecting, but it was so relaxing.  For the first time, we didn't have any motorcycles or four wheelers to spend all day on and with being disconnected from the internet world, it was a much different experience than we've ever had before.  I have to say, I kind of liked it.  I liked that there was so much eye contact, actual talking, playing games and human interaction with my kids that I love so much.

Looking forward to next summer.  Hopefully, we'll get a chance to have all TEN of us by then!

PS - Montana and baby are good.  This whole thing was early in August.  She is now 36 weeks along, home, off bedrest, moved into their new apartment and just waiting for little Addy to make her appearance.  I'm grateful for the wonderful care she got at IMED and the power of priesthood blessings.

PSS - Much thanks to Grandma Joy for sharing her cabin with us and letting us have the opportunities to make such fun memories.


CB said...

That was alot of driving back and forth - Wow! So glad you got to relax and that baby and mama are doing well.
Brittany and Jax didn't get to go with us this past weekend because of the same thing. She's on bedrest now - so sucky but you do what is best.
We didn't have any service this past weekend either and it was SOOOO FREAKIN' NICE to just enjoy people - Whoa people are cool!!
The cabin and the area look beautiful - totes!!

Mae Rae said...

i love me some cabin time. this looks fantastic. I love the deer in the window.

tammy said...

I'm glad she's made it to 36 weeks. With Taylor, I started having problems and was on bedrest for several weeks. I know how scary that can be. And dang that CF. So many things I wish they could find cures for. Glad you got some with the family, even though it wasn't what you'd planned.

namaste said...

a cabin in the woods sounds like a lot of fun. especially for the doggies! i had no idea contractions could be stopped. sounds painful. i'm glad she's okay!

i would love to be disconnected from the world like that for a weekend. you've inspired me! :)

Sue said...

I was at Timberlakes on Friday and Saturday too! We had a little car trouble but nothing compared to your drama.

Glad things turned out ok.

we are thinking of buying a cabin up there.
The quiet is nice, but felt a little helpless when I needed to call home.

Pedaling said...

that was quite a pregnancy scare.
I am so glad things are progressing smoothly, now.
a cabin get away is just the best...nothing like it.
next year with everyone will be a big event...not a dull moment, I am sure!