Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

If you've been a friend or follower for awhile, you know I don't do Christmas cards or a cutesie newsletter.  I'm just not that creative and let's face it, I'm too lazy but I DO admire other's.  However, I have a tradition of a nice hand drawn family card and a quick update on the family.  Remember, if ya wanna add this to your collection on the fridge, simply print and tape it up with the rest of them.  Easy peasy!

First, Preston and Montana:  They've had a great year.  Preston has left the business of pimping Coke to now work for Learning Systems as an Internet Business Coach.  He commutes to Orem, but so far it hasn't become a nuisance.  Montana is being a cute stay at home mom with Addy.  They are always doing crafts, taking walks, reading and other fun adventures.  Addy is being the cutest three year old on the planet!  What a fun stage!  Everything she says is adorable and makes us laugh.  Maybe not her parents, but the rest of us laugh.  Perhaps the biggest and most exciting news to come from these kids is a new baby due after the start of the new year!  A sister for Addy!  Preston will be outnumbered but he's okay with that.  So far, Montana's pregnancy has been good, although she is now at the stage where she is ready to be done.  We're so happy for them and their family!

Next is Luke and Mindy:  This has been a banner year for them.  First and foremost, the blessing of their baby son Carter!  Ya'll know what a miracle this little guy was for them and we couldn't be happier.  He's a darling boy and it's been fun to watch them fall right into parenthood so naturally.  Her pregnancy and delivery went well and again we feel so blessed for them! Mindy is staying home with Carter and loving every minute of it, as well as enjoying good health.  Luke is now working for Blue Mountain Media as the Account Manager and is successful in all his endeavors with work.  They still live in Saratoga Springs and we take every chance we can to see them and love on that miracle baby boy!

Finally Corbin and Karalee:  Corbin has been focusing his energies on school and will graduate in May with his degree in Public Health and Administration.  I don't want to jinx him by saying that he'll graduate with a 4.0  but that's what he's been pulling so far.  He'll start his Masters program in the fall.  Karalee is still working for the dentist and loves the flexibility he offers her so she can be there for Chloee whenever she needs her.  She's also a running machine!  She did several races last year and will likely do more in 2017.  Chloee has grown so much!  She's nearly as tall as Karalee and I bet by this time next year she will have surpassed her.  She definitely got the tall gene.  She's doing great in 3rd grade, loves foxes and is excelling at the piano.

Splenda Daddy and I took a cruise in February, and then he has been buried in work.  He is still at Nature's Sunshine and the poor guy has been docking a lot of hours but hopefully by summer of next year, things will have been installed, markets will have opened and work life will quiet down for him.  He's still serving in the High Council and really loves the ward he has stewardship over.  I'm still working part time at Wasatch Running Center and love it.  I haven't run very much this year.  It's been one for the crapper.  But 2017 is looking bright and goals have been set, there is nowhere to go but up!
The two of us celebrated our 32 year anniversary this year and I have to say I am pretty proud of that number.  Not many this day and age, make it that far.  Eternity to go....

This time of year is always of time of reflection for me.  Christmas particularly is the time I reflect on my Savior and all that He is to me.  Without him, I am nothing.  I am grateful for His birth, His life, His atoning sacrifice for me and hope that I will live worthy of it.

Merry Christmas my friends!  May you also find some time to reflect on the things that are important to you!



Mae Rae said...

i love my Christmas card. I print it every year and put it on my fridge. I always get comments about it and that is what makes it the best card EVAH! Have a merry Christmas my friend.

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