Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cystic Fibrosis, Miracles, and Family

A wonderful surprise in my Facebook newsfeed.  My sweet kids didn't tell us that they had been interviewed for an article in an LDS magazine but it's worth sharing here.

If you doubt there is a God.
If you doubt that miracles still happen.
If you doubt that even if there is a God, that He knows you and knows your righteous desires?

Doubt no more.  He does.  He loves you, He knows you, and just as when a sparrow falls, He notices and understands you.

This I know.  I know it as well as I take my next breath.  I know it.

Link to the article HERE.

**Can't wait for September and getting my arms around this little miracle man on the way.

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Life is the name of ups and downs and all what we need to carry with us is to look into the things with hope and always keep finding what suits us the best and having faith in the choices of GOD.