Friday, December 26, 2014

An open letter to Dish Network

To whom it may concern,
    Okay, okay,.... you've had your fun. Time to get back to real business.  And by real business, I mean start airing FNC again.

When you dropped CNN, I was annoyed.  As one who likes to be informed from multiple sources, you dropping one of the major cable news providers seemed silly, but then a few days later when CNN reappeared, I figured you must have realized your mistake and quickly rectified it.

Not so this time.  I'm more than annoyed, I'm downright ticked off.  Not just because FNC has some of my favorite anchors such as Megyn Kelly and Bill O'Reilly, but there was a certain comfort in knowing that I had all angles of the news cycle,  Left leaning is provided, and then there was the Right leaning.  Now it's all off balance.

Moreover, I'm confused at your business decision.  Agree with or disagree with Fox News Channel and it's reporting, they are the number one rated cable news provider.  Number one.  In ratings.  You can't argue the numbers, so I'm curious as to which executive hit the eggnog a little too early and a little too hard to have made that poor business decision.  Or was there a deal made with that Kim dude over in North Korea?  (we call him Satan's Soldier, but that's beside the point).

At any rate, I guess our relationship is over.  I've been patient and waited but it seems that you are dead set on ticking me and thousands of other loyal customers off.  Just know that this break up is you, not me.  Come Monday, I'll be contacting Direct TV or Comcast and seeing which one offers me the sweetest deal.  And you know, they'll be offering all kinds of deals to swing us over.  I'll gladly take advantage of them.

It was a good run while we had it.  I'll miss the hopper and the prime time recordings, but all things I can live without. FNC, I cannot.

a once loyal and valued customer of Dish who now will spend her dollars with someone else.

PS (the slam on North Korea?  Just a joke. Kinda.  I pray for those people daily)


Connie said...

Very well said. These are my sentiments EXACTLY! I am going cable/satellite shopping too. If enough people start switching away from them then maybe they will wake up!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

We haven't had cable for years and years.
I'm pretty sure I haven't missed much.