Thursday, April 17, 2014

Things making me happy and bringing a smile today

After a complete come apart-meltdown this morning,  I decided that I need to list out all the good things that have happened lately that have made me smile.......

Nice people on the phone in Boston who assure me that things will be okay and everything will work out.

Personal messages from family/bff's that encourage me and tell me I'm awesome.

Calling my Shark and knowing I can ask for her credit card if I need it.

Running bff's that come in just to get fuel, give you a hug and be excited with you.

Co-workers who aren't afraid to hug me (I can hold a hug until awkwardness hits) and wish me good luck.

Gift Certificates that can be used in a pinch when my witch doctor cancels and my regular massage therapist isn't working.

90 minute full body massages with special attention to my injuries.

Phone calls with my oldest who all of a sudden got smart, wise and gives me good counsel.

A clean home.

Laundry done.

House full of groceries for my house sitters/kids

My Yankee room full of all my medals, and the time to look at all of them again reflecting on the years it took me to get here.

My binder full of bibs and counting all the races I've done over the years.   The sweet memories they invoke.

Snapchats from besties and grandbabies.

Google Hangout pictures of my kids in Disneyland.

New USMC friends who offer words of encouragement, unity, and support for Monday's race.  

New USMC friends who offer to be my bodyguard.

Splenda Daddy.

Huh.  Who needs a meltdown/come apart when I am blessed beyond what I deserve......

Tomorrow the adventure begins!


Pedaling said...

happy thoughts = happy life.

sometimes I forget.

A grateful heart I'm good at, but sometime I let the problems of the day overshadow my blessings.

Nice way to reflect.

I for one have watched you transform from someone I really liked from the start into some one who is the same but different in many ways---your spirit and thoughts and example and growth have been very inspiring to me. said...

Learn to count your blessings, although at times it seems impossible to find positivety. Hold on to sincere family members and friends they always come through.