Thursday, March 27, 2014

A birthday girl and some thoughts about beauty, brains and what's most appealing

I cannot BELIEVE it!  Chloee turned 7 on the 16th of March.  Yeah, I know I'm late in posting but it seems that March is a leeeetle bit busy with several birthday's so....yeah.

First year in 2 that we didn't need to go to SoCal for her big day, and while I love the fact they are right here now, I do miss the regular jaunts to sunny Oceanside, Camp Pendleton, and running at sea level for a few days.

I was scheduled to work the Saturday of her birthday party, and right now is not a good time to take off a Saturday, so I got to spend an afternoon with her and celebrate, just the two of us.


My bfsil Cassie is a massage therapist at Sanctuary Day Spa at SouthTowne mall so after consulting her, I booked a little package treatment for the birthday girl.

We were welcomed and offered some water, then shown to the changing room where Chloee had her name on a locker and inside her own small girl's robe to change into.  Talk about a girl on cloud nine!  After getting in her robe, we were shown into the relaxation room.  There was water and petit cookies for her to enjoy while lounging and getting her zen on.

Jamie came for her and showed her into the mani/pedi room.  And even though Chlo is a "little" she treated her just like a regular client.  She didn't even flinch when Chloee told she wanted pink nails with purple polka dots.  There were a couple of other ladies getting pedicures so we all chatted and I fetched cookies for Chlo while she was pampered.

Next up was the pedicure.  Again, props to Jamie who didn't cringe even a little when Chlo told her she wanted red and black alternating on her toes.  She just had her choose which shade of red and then went to work on pampering her little piggies.  Of course, as we all do when we have that first pedicure, we flinch a bit at the scrubbing of our feet, and Chlo was no exception.  Even though it was ticklish, she really liked the sugar scrub.  Again, Jamie treated her just like an adult when it came to her pedicure and Chloee loved it!

After the pamper fest, we hit Claire's to see if there was anything fun (I totally expected her to find some earrings but instead her animal loving heart found a stuffed one to add her to her collection), and then finished up our afternoon with chocolate covered strawberries at Zupa's and some wonderful heart to heart talking.

Saturday was her big birthday party and then Sunday Corb and Kar did a family dinner with cake and ice cream.

Now that the details are documented, what about the beauty and brains?  If you've been around this blog for awhile, you've watched an incredible journey for this wonderful little girl.  She is amazing.  Beyond amazing.  Every day, I thank Heavenly Father for her being a part of our lives and our family.  She is a key piece of my life that cannot be filled with anyone else.  From the day of her birth, she has physically been beautiful.  Her distinctive curled eyelashes, her brown eyes, her "light up the room" smile, and perfect skin tone.  She always draws compliments about her looks.  Does that scare her dad?  Oh yes.  Most definitely yes.

HOWEVER, all that aside, what I am most proud of her is her brains.  She came to earth an "old soul".  And while she still has the little girl loves such as Hello Kitty and the color pink, her brains are what draws people to her.  She's a smart one.  She loves reading chapter books which I think is remarkable, but to speak with her is a truly unique experience.  I don't know if it's because she's been surrounded by adults all her life, or if it is just her character, or maybe a combination of both - but the girl can maintain meaningful conversation that includes thoughtful questions and discussions.  In the short 25 minutes from picking her up at school to the spa, we had discussed some pretty intense things about people, feelings and future aspirations.

I remember something a coworker told me years ago when describing a troubled young woman she knew.  This young woman had been told her entire life how beautiful she was.  From the time she was little she heard nothing but "You're so cute".  "What a gorgeous girl you are"  etc.  And sadly, this girl believed it to the point that it defined her.  When it came to the rest of life, she had nothing else.  From that moment on, I made a deal that for every time I told Chloee how cute she was, I would also compliment her personality or her smarts.

Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am SO NOT TAKING ANY CREDIT FOR THIS AMAZING HUMAN BEING!  Far from it.  If anything, I have learned from her that it IS important for us to be careful what we tell our daughters.  It's okay to let them know they are cute and that they look good.  It validates their already insecurities that inevitably creep in.  I just happen to also believe that  we need to be telling how our girls how smart they are.  What sweet personalities they have.  How good they are at problem solving.  Whatever else we can find to balance the rest of society that seems to be focused entirely on their looks, bodies and sexuality.

Does that mean we never correct or be truthful when we need to?  Of course not.  Puhleeze.  I'm all for being honest with our children (just ask my boys), I think the point I am making is that in today's world, society is sending a message that I don't think we want our daughters or granddaughters to buy.  And we as their role models can do much to either reinforce that awful message (sometimes by simply not doing anything at all) or we can counter that with as much emphasis on every other aspect in a young woman's life.  With all the good that our daughters and granddaughters have to offer the world, we should be focusing on and drawing their attention to them.  Let THOSE compliments help to define them.  Help to create balance between a comely appearance and the real beauty that a good heart, sweet soul, kind talk and keen brain offers.

So to my most wonderful 7 year old granddaughter Chloee - Happy Birthday!  Always remember that you are a daughter of God with limitless options and talents with which to better yourself and serve others.

PS - more chapter books coming.  Our next date will be another Barnes and Noble day!

PSS - just some random pictures of her reading to her cousin.  I know there is quite the age gap between them, but Addy adores Chloee and lights up when she sees her and I know that Chloee will be a great influence and role model for her.  Love my girls!


Monique said...

Bells said, "Ooooo nice paint nails!" :)

" Hit It......." said...

What and awesome idea for a birthday. I can't believe how big Chloe' is getting. She looks so happy and so do you!

I agree with you regarding focusing on more than the looks. I make a point with my own daughter to always tell her how smart I think she is. I also make a huge deal out of good grades. She is in high school now and has a 3.9 GPA. Girls need to understand that looks fade and they need a fallback.

I miss you my friend. Let's do lunch!

tammy said...

I love Chloee. I have loved seeing her story unfold so far. She is a precious little spirit. And could that spa day be any more fun?

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

What a perfect day for her. It looks like it was totally fun. You are an awesome grandma. I love your perspective and you're so right on.

It has been amazing to see this little sweetheart grow and flourish with the love of your entire family.

I'm sure you're sad about not being in SoCal right now, but it's almost Spring.

Jamie said...

Such a sweetie pie, I have loved reading about her and I am so happy she is happy. What a blessing.