Saturday, November 16, 2013

The viral Facebook game and my answers

Anyone on Facebook has seen this game making the rounds, and the rounds, and the ROUNDS.  Someone gives you a number and then you have to list that many things about you that people might not know.

And I will admit, I love reading stuff that I didn't know about some of my friends.  There has been some pretty cool stuff put out there.  Of course, simply by "liking" a few of them, I was assigned a number and sucked into the play.  
Being the contrary person I am sometimes, I decided to play with a twist.
Below is my post:

So this whole numbers game thingie that seems to be puking itself all over facebook.....

I admit to enjoying reading new things about my friends, but feel such pressure to play when I really don't think I have anything unknown about me. 

So I'm giving it a twist. I was assigned the number 9. I'm listing 9 things about me. Two of them are lies. Guess which ones.

1. Everyone called me Missy as a little girl.
2. I ran XC in high school.
3. My dad died when I was 14 and it sucked.
4. Splenda Daddy and I met on a blind date.
5. I have the weirdest food aversions known to man.
6. I often think I'm fat
7. Splenda Daddy and I have matching tattoos that we got when we were first married, young and stupid.
8. I cannot picture my life without a dog in it.
9. I bottle fed baby kittens when their mother abandoned them at birth.

Have fun! (or not - you can think it's dumb, 'sokay)

Ask me how FUN it's been to see the guesses!  Holy smokes!  Things that I thought were obvious lies, people believed, and things that are true, others have thought were impossible to believe.  So rather than just post the two lies, I thought I'd make a post out of it, and expound on each one.

1.  Everyone called me Missy as a little girl - TRUE.  When I moved to a completely different high school my sophomore year of school, I decided that I no longer liked Missy and wanted to be a little more "sophisticated" with Melissa.  At this point in my life, I get called both (even though mCat is the most common) and I don't mind any of them.  I actually kind of like Missy now.

2.  I ran XC in high school - FALSE.  Nope.  Not even THOUGHT about running track, or team anything.  I ran on my own because I liked to run.  I wasn't consistent and had no idea what I was doing, but I do remember the feeling I had when I would get back to the house ready to vomit from fatigue.  And I liked it.

3.  My dad died when I was 14.  And it sucked - TRUE.  That would probably require a whole post itself, and I'm not in the mood, but yes it's true.  He was only 36.  Ask me how hard THAT birthday was for me?  And as any child who experiences the loss of a parent while they are young, the grieving process is life long  There are key, pivotal times in your life that you really, REALLY wish your missing parent was there.  So in a sense, it still sucks.

4.  Splenda Daddy and I met on a blind date - TRUE.  In fact, if anyone searched my blog, they would find a post about it.  I was scared of him, and smitten all at the same time.  It's been 30 years and I'm no longer scared, just smitten.

5.  I have the weirdest food aversions known to man - TRUE.  This was an obvio one.  And unless you really want to be confused, don't ask.  Just....... I have some serious food aversions.

6.  I often think I'm fat - TRUE.  And before anyone start formulating any kind of comment to deflect that, remember this - no matter what size a person is, there are always some body image hang ups.  Considering that I once weighed over 165 pounds, I often still see the fat girl in the mirror.  No matter what anyone says.  And that's a battle that many women face daily.

7.  Splenda Daddy and I have matching tattoos that we got when we were first married, young and stupid - FALSE.  I'm not a fan of large elaborate tat's, but I've made no secret that I would have one if I didn't have my particular belief system about my body.  But know this, if the prophet of my church came out and said a small one on my right ankle in the form of an infinity symbol was okay, I would be ALL OVER IT.

8.  I cannot picture my life without a dog in it - TRUE.  I actually don't ever remember a period of my life that I didn't have at least one dog.  I love them. Most every breed, and yes I grieve when they pass away, but then I'm ready for a new one.  They are members of my family. 

9.  I bottle fed baby kittens when their mother abandoned them at birth - TRUE.  Gotcha on this one!  Everyone knows my dislike of cats so how on earth would I be caught actually attempting to keep some alive?  I was 15, we had a cat who gave birth under my bed and then disappeared.  After some sad crying and freaking out, we were given some instructions from a vet on what and how to feed them and I proceeded to do my very best.  One by one, they died.  Usually right while I was holding them.  Traumatizing really.  I suppose that's why I detest cats now.  

So.  Now you know.  It was fun adding the little twist and seeing what people thought was either true or false. And please, I beg of you, if I "like" your status on your own list, don't assign me a number.  I'm all played out over here.


Pedaling said...

I picked out the lies...piece of cake!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I thought for sure you had a tatt! Food aversion? I wanna know to what. I know you have some food weirdnesss.....color coding Skittles.

Lazarus said...

Very interesting mCat. I knew the tattoo thing had to be false but I could've totally seen you running cross country in high school. And you're certainly not even close to fat. But interesting stuff, now I feel that I know the mCat a bit better!