Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The longest labor + the fastest delivery = A Very Happy Family

I don't know which felt longer to me, my pregnancy with Corbin or Montana's with Addy.  Holy Smokes!  From week 31 when she had contractions, began to dilate, completely efface, spend a week in the hospital and then weeks after on bed rest it seemed that we bounced from fear of Addysen coming too soon to frustration that she would never come!

Let me start off by saying that seriously, Montana is the best pregnant mother I've ever seen.  I think her chill attitude is what has set the whole tone of a smooth entrance and start of a beautiful life for her daughter.

After weeks of bedrest while dilated to a three and fully effaced, medication and a few times of being sent back home from the hospital, the kids weren't expecting a whole lot when they went to a regularly scheduled OB appointment. After the doc checked Montana she looked at her oddly and said, "I don't understand how you're here and not downstairs in labor and delivery"  Seems that she was now dilated to a 6 and while her contractions hadn't much changed since previously, it was enough to be considered active labor.
a minor contraction just for documentation sake

They each called their moms as they headed downstairs and assigned to a room. Jace was already at my house from a sleepover anyway so no worries about him.  We gathered and literally within a short period of time, she had pitocin started, her water broken and an epidural placed.  Next thing we know, the nurses are doing another check, telling us that they are ready to push and letting us get our last hugs in before we headed down the hall to anxiously wait.
right before pushing - how do they look so calm?

Only a few minutes passed before we heard the nurse come out and page the doc letting her know that she needed to hurry and that she was ready to go.

Literally 6 pushes later (and having to stop pushing to wait for doc) beautiful, sweet, perfect, little Addysen Sophia Catmull made her grand entrance!  She took to her mama right away, so we continued to wait out in the waiting room for about an hour while the sweet little family bonded and spent special time all alone.  Just as it should be!

To express my emotions when first seeing them would be impossible.  There is literally nothing quite compared to seeing your child become a parent.  The wonder in their eyes and the love overwhelm them is palpable.  I remembered how Corbin looked after Chloee was born and Preston was no less in love with his own daughter.

And Montana?  Holy smokes!  Glowing, feeling good, looking even better and I just sat amazed at how they just breezed through the whole thing.

Look at her look at her Momma?  Precious!

First time mom's are kept for 48 hours here and they were smart to let Addy go to the nursery at nighttime so they could sleep.  The timing couldn't have been any better with it being on Preston's already schedule days off.  Really?  Perfection.  The whole thing reeked of perfection!

love me a thumbsucker!

Preston is a very "hands on" Daddy.  Love to see him so engaged and involved

At a little over two weeks old now, things are cruising right along.  Her check up's have all gone well.  A little jaundice but nothing no other newborn doesn't have.  She is nursing well, and loves to just be held.  She is honestly so sweet and calm, I'm just amazed all the time. I really credit the kids for that.  Both Montana and Preston are pretty chill people.  Calm, relaxed and easy going.  Clearly, it translates to their daughter and their little family just couldn't be any cuter!  I love seeing what great parents they are!  My little baby boy now a daddy himself.  My little Montana who was my beehive in Young Women's now the mother of my granddaughter!  Icing on the cake is being able to share in this experience with my friend Dana.  Our kids love each other and make a wonderful family.  It's fun to share baby moments together and to see her be a grandma for the first time.
If she's hungry enough, she'll even suck her Daddy's face :)

gas bubble smiles are so fun!

Life is beautiful.
Life is good.
And this Mimi feels pretty darn blessed.

Welcome Addy  - I L Y P I!


CountessLaurie said...

Welcome Addysen... you are beautiful! I pray for many blessings on you and your family!

" Hit It......." said...

Congratulations Grandma! I am so excited for your kids and their new journey. Little Addysen is beautiful and I hope you get to spend a lot of time with that precious baby. Hugs!

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

That is so awesome. She is beautiful! I love her cheeks! They look like awesome parents. So excited for you all.

Kristin Klein said...

Congratulations! The photos are so precious. So wonderful to hear that all went well, love how they spell Addysen. My little 2 1/2 grandbaby is an Addison also!



Pedaling said...

She really is beautiful!
Sounds very similar to my 2nd delivery. Such an amazing adventure and so exciting for everyone....especially the new parents!

Congrats to you all!

Lara said...

Congrats! She's a cutie pie, and you look like the happiest grandma in the world!

gigi said...

This is so precious! Congrats to all!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh cuteness! Can't wait for my newest little man to make his appearance!


DesertHen said...

Congrats! to all of you! I bet you are enjoying that new grand baby and lovin on her lots and lots!

tammy said...

Love, love, love! How fun is it that you're getting grand daughters after all boys?

namaste said...

congratulations! she's beautiful :-)