Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bryce Canyon half and Kiva Koffeehouse

So I went down to Bryce canyon with some runner friends to ran a little half marathon. Ate pasta. Listened to some really bad karaoke.   Slept in a tent. On the ground. No air mattress.  Thus, little sleep.  It rained and we got soaked.  Paced the 2:10 time. Came in 20 seconds too fast.  Watched my friends get awards 'cause they are so damn fast.  Got introduced to some new energy drinks.  Didn't get ONE.SINGLE.PICTURE.  I cannot believe it.

BUT - the real highlight for me was the drive home via the scenic route.  The Fulton kids who let me tag along have done this race several times and have learned how to play it just right.  They know this area and the must do's.  Instead of the boring I-15 route, we went slightly more east, and through Escalante.  The scenery was AMAZING!

Kiva Koffeehouse is a small bed and breakfast that was built back in the nineties.  One of the Fulton siblings had actually BUILT it!  It was constructed very meticulously and to the exact specifications of the owner at the time.  The woodwork is incredible.  And all by hand.  Simply amazing.

As beautiful as the structure itself is, the view is breathtaking.  It's built with huge windows overlooking the southeastern mountains.  I don't even know exactly where we were at, but it was fantastic!

All of these pics are from my cell phone, so not the greatest.

This one I swiped from Joe's FB page, his phone takes much better pictures!

So in a nutshell.  Bryce canyon half?  I came, I ran, I'll do it again, but next year will race and not pace.

Escalante, the Kiva Koffeehouse and the scenic route home?  Yes, yes and yes, but with Splenda Daddy along next year.

Thanks Fulton sib's - you freakin ROCK!

And next week, when I hit Moab?  I WILL be taking pictures!


karen said...

I"ve never been to Escalante, but now I want to go and stay at that place. It's gorgeous! I have no idea what you mean when you say you'll race and not pace, but you go, girl!

Sue said...

I love that your life is a race!

You have a zeal and enthusiasm that is just darn contagious!! I try to catch up to you all the time, but you are way ahead of me.

You inspire "GIRL"

your phone didn't do too bad. Still great pictures.

susette said...

So fun to meet you at Bryce. The rain definitely put a little damper on the whole thing for me but I was happy to get to have the experience.

" Hit It......." said...

Can't wait to see pictures in Moab. I think you will die of heat. We just got back from Lake Powell...very hot!

btw - It appears that you know how to make the best of all experiences. That is one trait that I love about you.

wendy said...

oh my...very cool. Slept on the ground???with NO cushioning. take the medal there girlfriend.
can't wait to hear about your next race and see the pic's

Garden of Egan said...

You are an animal!
A very crazy animal!

Pedaling said...

did the altitude bother you?

tammy said...

I love the scenic route.