Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday Wrandom Wramblings - Thursday edition

Gosh.  Been a long time since I rambled eh?

Yes Wendy, the eh was for you.

So many happy things happening right now.  Can't blog them until Tuesday.  Prepare to be overloaded with pictures, gushing, and crap like that.

Thursday mornings have become my weekly breakfast appointment with a dear friend.  I also think it takes the place of therapy.  Nothing like sitting in the sun outside the buck, sipping a beverage and shooting the breeze.

I think I've recovered from Ragnar.  Waiting to post about it since there may be a video in production that I want to include.  I need to get back to the gym, but I just can't shake the fatigue.  Overwhelming fatigue.

Gonna see a gastro doc next week, see if we can figure out the stomach issues.

Gonna schedule a neurologist to see if we can figure out the CRPS issues.

Ever feel like a broken down, worn out unit?
Yeah, me too.

Running is really saving my life.  Right now it's literally the only thing keeping me motivated.  The more I involve myself, the more I keep my momentum up.  Even just doing a packet pick up assignment for a race I'm not even doing is enough.  I find I really need and enjoy my running community friends.

Politics are starting to boil for me.  I realize the scrutiny that is going to be blown up with Mitt Romney being the same religion as me.  There will be false information, skewed statements and bald face lies regarding how we worship.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - don't believe anything at face value and if you have any question, feel free to direct them to me.  If I don't have the answer, I will find it for you.

Weird thing.  I had a comment come through a few days ago on a post I did over a year ago on my glitter toes.  Maybe even two years ago.  Freaky dude with a foot fetish.  Should I post a pic of my current feet?  Prolly would cure him of his fetish  LOL

Ever had times in your life that are so exquisitely happy that if you had to die, you could do so with  peace of mind?  

I like that feeling.

Not that I'm ready to go, just a thought about happiness.

Totally got sunburned today.  A complete rookie mistake and I am ticked!  I know better.  At least I have the great skin that by tomorrow, it will be moving in the direction of brown rather than the slight red.

Madagascar 3?  Don't waste the money.  I think it was half created by someone completely stoned out of their minds.  I kinda wanted to vomit out my eyeballs.

And finally, I am realizing true friendship.  From my weekly chats, to every day phone calls, to those who take time out of their busy schedules to join us at the temple for special occasions.  Not to mention the Facebook friends that I may have never met in real life, but inspire me daily.

People are good.  We need each other.  I can improve on being a better friend.

Okay, meds kicking in, so I can sleep.  

Peace out, and carry on with your awesomeness!




" Hit It......." said...

I like your rambling posts. I wish I had time for a Thursday morning chat with a friend..sounds delightful. Politics are bugging me a lot now too.

I am worried about your fatigue. Is it depression or are you physically hurt? I was thrown from my bike on Tuesday, and I don't want to do a darned thing. Not motivated at all.

btw - Very creepy about "toe guy." I would post a new picture of them and tell him to have fun. It takes all kinds.

Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Nice to get a glimpse. Thanks.

karen said...

Your thoughts ramble like mine do. I felt right at home. And yes, I do feel like an old broken down unit, but I fight it with ever fiber of my being, as I suspect you do too. When I feel tired and achey I know I need to get on my bike and pedal madly. I'm convinced circulation is the key, and it never fails. I'm always much better after a ride. Does running do this for you? I would love to have a weekly breakfast appointment - it's my favorite meal of the day. Carry on - this was a good post.

Teachinfourth said...

I wholeheartedly agree about Madagascar III.

Pedaling said...

will not be seeing Madagascar, thanks.

Gotta keep the machine up and running. Hope the maintenance/fix it
all pans out, and quick!

I can see how running and a community and a weekly friend breakfast can be great therapy!

namaste said...

wow. so glad you reported on "madagascar 3." i really hope everything turns out to be alright with you physically. as for happiness, yes i have felt the same way too! it's wonderful! :)

i like reading of the weekly chats with your friend. i need to avail myself more. thanks for that!

Amy said...

Friendship can help so much. I am glad you have those weekly chat with your friend.

I love rambling posts. All of mine lately get deleted before posting because they are rambling a little too much...

Garden of Egan said...

Perfect wrambling post. Just like you...perfect.

Hope you are totally enjoying your awesome crazy wonderful week!!!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the good ramble! I love those posts of yours for some reason. Hope you are feeling better soon, sounds like a bummer. Remember your sunscreen!

tammy said...

Weird about the toe guy.

We haven't see Madagascar yet, but Connor is wanting to. He saw on FB that you didn't like it.

Hope you get the answers you need from the doctors. I hate that stuff starts to go wrong just because we turn 40.