Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Wow..... I know I haven't done a TT post lately (I blame the dark cloud looming over me), but the past week or so has brought me a lot of things to be grateful for.

My job

Seriously, I love it.  Weird right?  But I actually get excited to go to work.  Every day is different with different people coming in and having different needs.  This week, I had an 80 year old army vet.  He had a stroke previously so he had some left side weakness.  He is also fighting cancer and had just had a Lupron shot so he was a little wobbly when he came in.   His feet are extremely odd and difficult to fit.  He was the kindest, funniest man I have met in a long time.  I spent about 45 minutes chatting, trying some different options, helping him with his weak left foot etc.  At one point, in my attempt to show him respect as my elder, I called him Sir.  He looked at me and said, "please don't call me sir, I was just an enlisted guy"  and then he grinned at me.  At some point, he took out his hearing aid so our conversations got a little louder and we leaned a little closer to one another to communicate.  We finally found something that made him grin from ear to ear.  He loved the shoes.  They were comfortable for his needs of just being able to walk daily for a few minutes.  As he was wrapping things up, paying for his shoes and we were exchanging goodbyes, he asked me one more time to lean in close as he had something to say.  I walked around to him on the other side of the counter and pulled me aside.  "Do you like carrot cake?" he asked.  I told him I LOVED carrot cake, and that in fact, it was my favorite.  He replied, "I make a killer cake, I'll be back to bring you some."
As he left the store, I was chuckling at his wit, his attitude, and his overall pleasantness.  It reminded me of the days when I worked directly with patients and how much I had loved that.

The next day I had a cute young lady and her mom come in for trainers for track.  She was so cute and bubbly and excited to be starting track and getting new shoes.  Everytime I did something new or next in the fitting process, she would profusely thank me.  Ah, to have that kind of attitude!  Happy, lighthearted and grateful for others!  She was a delight to be around.

And then the following day, another young woman and her mom came in.  Daughter needed some trainers.  A beautiful tall, exotic looking girl.  She was rather quiet, but mom was a talker.  We started the fitting process and talked about mileage that she would be doing etc.  In the course of the conversation, mom told me that daughter had joined the Marines and would be leaving for boot camp the day after her high school graduation.  In June.  Like in a few months!  Well, of course, my heart swelled up and we talked Marines all during the fitting process.  Mom and I both teared up as we talked about the experiences, changes and blessings that were soon to be India's (daughters name) as undertook her new adventure.  I ended up giving my email address and asked that when she gets to come on leave after boot camp or after combat training, if she can, to stop in and see me and let me know how she was doing.

So you can see it's been a week of experiences that add to my life.  I go to work, and am surrounded by runners.  We talked running, we talk races, we talk shoes and apparel.  Anywhere from a brand new runner just starting out, to middle of the pack runners who are trying to get better, to experienced long distance folks who just need an updated shoe and want to chat about what's on the agenda for the season.  I love it all.  Sometimes I can't believe I get paid to do what I love so much.   I am indeed thankful for the turn my life has taken to allow me to do this.

Next up, I am thankful for a bestie that sets aside a significant about of time to make sure I get registered for the event of a lifetime because I am working and can't get on the computer to do it.

 Tiburon set her alarm for 12:50pm so that as soon as the registration opened for the USMC Marathon at 1:00pm our time, she could get on line and get me in.  The site crashed several times, it took her many minutes, many swear words and time out of her busy day (and anxiety that she wouldn't be able to pull it off) to do this for me.  THAT is a best friend.  I am thankful for her.

Next on the list is the chance to run the marathon
 Dream come true for me.  Most marathoners dream of qualifying for and running Boston.  It's like the tradition dream of all dreams.  Not for me.  Nope.  The dream of all dreams marathon for me is the Marine Corp Marathon.!  I'm going!  I'm doing it!  I have a friend who is helping me get a good deal on airfare, another who I can stay with who leaves near there so I can pull this off with out losing an arm and a leg in costs.  Of course, donations to get mCat out to DC to run are certainly appreciated!  *cheesy grin*
I am so thankful for the opportunity to do this!  I am seriously so stoked I can hardly stand it!  Now, my prayer is that Corbin will get the approved leave and then a spot (it's sold out) to be able to go.  He  might have to get in on a charity option which means raising money for Wounded Warriors or TAPS but, I will help him get that figured out.  We just need him to get the leave and get a spot.  To run this with him, would be an emotional highlight for me that will stick for the rest of my life.  And hopefully his.   I am SO thankful that I get the chance to do this particular marathon!

And lastly, I am thankful for Eminem.

Okay, okay...... I know it's unconventional, but this song (edited version) is one that I listen to over and over and over again.  The reason why is personal.  But know this, in spite of his past rage and anger, he is no longer the person he once was.   I think of my dark places I have been in my life and know that there is a way out.  Marshall is a changed person and I like the fact that he's bold enough to admit it.  And this is for you, you know who you are.

Not a bad TT list if I say so myself.

What are you thankful for today?


Kristin said...

Hello there - just wanted to thank you for your note and comment :D I totally hear you in regards to KB, and when you see him in person he is very much a changed person over the years, not always necessarily for the better . . . but still, no doubt an amazing musician. Take care - loves!!


Lazarus said...

Great post mCat, sounds like things are going very well for you, happy to hear it! Maybe you can make a cooking video with the 80-year old guy about how to make a killer carrot cake, it would fit nicely with the classic collection of culinary videos you've already wrapped. The fans demand more of mCat in the kitchen!

Wonder Woman said...

Great list. Yay for a job you love and friends who love you!

wendy said...

Some pretty powerful words there by Eminem.
I remember watchint 8 Mile..the story basically of his life. Although it is definetly NOT PG rated, I learned a fair amount about him and his backgroud.
"Dont Be afraid, to take a stand"....I think as time goes on, this will be crucial for many people.

I AM SO HAPPY that you get to do this run. Absolutely the experience of a lifetime for you.
Nice to have a best friend who loves you so much, that she KNOWS your dreams and helps you accomplish them

AND WOW, look at the difference of your job now, compared to all the stress your Other job was creating for you.
Many people I am sure, wish they had jobs to go to that was in keeping with their "love" and passion.

Hugs my girl

just call me jo said...

A very positive and uplifting post. I wish you luck with the race. (I don't understand runners but I admire them.) I only run when bad guys or vicious dogs are chasing me. hahaha True!

Sue said...

so excited for you to run the marathon. Congrats!! Definitely a dream come true for you.

I have to say "I'm not afraid to stand" and say I like that song by Eminem.

Lindzena said...

Wow, so many things to be grateful for! It is rare that people truly love their job and get excited about it, you are lucky. Of course, that is something we all should strive for. I laughed when you first said 'eminem', I totally wasn't expecting that.

tammy said...

I'm so glad that you're loving your new job. I know it was hard to make the change, but so happy that better things were in store for you! Sometimes we just need that little push.

You just made me remember how much I miss my Grandma's carrot cake.

Teachinfourth said...

I think we all have those moments when we have the dark cloud hovering over us. It's great though when the sun finally breaks through.

Jamie said...

I know I am a bit late, but I am gratfeul Layne has the week off.