Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Triple Dog Dare

I love a good challenge.  Either extended to myself or from me to someone else.  And I will goad and goad until I can get someone to take the challenge.

As you know I have been mocking the stupid Kate and William wedding.  And mocking all those that got sucked into it all.  Mocking with love and affection, but mocking nonetheless.

I saw on facebook that my good friend The Countess was planning on wearing a tiara all day Friday in honor of the royal festivities.  I figured since we had been hearing about the damn thing for DAYS already, then it was only fair that she wear the Tiara for days beforehand.  The ENTIRE WEEK.  And not just wear it at work, but wear it all day every day until the stupid wedding was over.

I issued it as a Triple Dog Dare.  No one passes up on a Triple Dog Dare.  No.One.

This would be Monday at her desk at work - looking good Countess!

Tiara Tuesday - loves how we get a shot of herself right outside of the ladies room!

Wednesday!  And she does get extra credit for this one, since she had to walk the halls at high school wearing this beautiful tiara.  She says no on noticed her.  I think the girls saw it and being the teenage brats  that they are secretly coveted her royalness!

Now look at Thursday's. Pure beauty.  A bit of twist with the flowing fabric down her back, but more importantly - look at her LOCKS!  A bit of Rapunzel going on with THIS princess!

And Friday - love the fact that she's got the wedding on in the background AT WORK!
And I love even more the mouse ears on top of the final tiara!

You did it Countess - you have earned my undying respect and admiration!

You are the real princess and a fun one to play along to boot!

Now, please be to emailing or messaging me your home address so I can mail you your prizey's

And that my friends is THE END of the Royal wedding crapola.

They lived happily ever after.


tammy said...

Well done Countess! If I could wear a tiara every day, I totally would.

I have a friend who wears one in the hospital every time she has a baby (which is 7 times so far).

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

I bet they were secretly your tiaras.
Ya, I'm sure they were.

In fact I TRIPLE DAWG DARE YOU to wear a tiara on your next race.

Don't dare do it do ya?????

Come on M.......DO IT!

Scrappy Girl said...

Oh I loved the royal wedding. So fun! I love that she wore a crown every day for a week. Makes me want to be her friend...

Heather said...

That is awesome!! I loved that she did that! I loved that she changed her tiara every day!!! It was fun to see all of them! She does deserve a prize!!

Missy said...

LOL! She had it bad!!!!

Pedaling said...

oh, that is the best.

I love friends like that, who can "take it" they are really the best friends of all!

gigi said...

She is awesome!! Hoot hoot!!!

Jillybean said...

Dang! If I had known that you were giving out prizes, I would have worn a tiara for a week too.
(but then again, I do work at home)

We should have some sort of crazy hat day to commemorate the royal wedding.

Seriously, what was up with the hats?

DesertHen said...

LOL..what a gal! Loved how every day she had a new Tiara! =) I hadn't planned to watch it, but got sucked into the royal brewhaha at the last minute. Guess I'm just a hopeless romantic at Then I got a darn cold...and felt like crapola (that was the word I used to discribe it in my blog post) the rest of the weekend! =/

Ann Marie said...

I LOVE this!!

Everyone should wear Tiara's more..

She is a good sport.. and it looked like she had a happy week!

Sue said...

Trully a great sport!!

I couldn't get into the royal wedding either.

I'm glad a certain known terrorist was killed so that the news could focus on something else.

CountessLaurie said...

No prizes needed. I would wear one every day for a year to make you smile!

I was going to make a comment that it's a good thing I have two daughters so I had plenty of tiaras, but then realized, two are actually mine... hmmmm.

love you!!!